Greenwich Pizza Thins Party


Greenwich has come out with a new product, called Pizza Thins. All I can say is FINALLY! I love thin-crust pizza, and this one (my new favorite) has everything you want in a pizza. Crispy to the last bite, loaded with toppings and cheese and super flavorful–it is arguably one of the best pizzas around. I was able to try its flavors at the Greenwich Pizza Thins Party a few weeks ago and I was in heaven! Out of the four: Signature Special, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, and All Meat, Hawaiian remains my favorite (haha its the pineapples–I love it on my pizza) and Signature Special is a close second.

Most of the endorsers attended the event. Solenn Heussaff, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez and I were seated in one table, while John Lloyd Cruz hosted the event together with radio jockeys Chico and Suzy. And while we missed Anne Curtis, Lloyd Zaragoza and Vince Canizares (Anne was sick, while Lloyd and Vince had prior engagements), we weren’t too distraught as we welcomed three new kabarkadas to the Greenwich family. They are Andi Manzano, Marco Lobregat and Gino Quillamor! No doubt, we are more than happy to welcome the three to our growing Greenwich family–here’s to many more pizza and pasta years ahead!

CONGRATULATIONS, Greenwich!!! Your Pizza Thins are amazing!

20130716_192034Solenn, Mika and I at the event.

20130716_193209Pretty girls Carla Humphries and Sos.

20130716_192022Mika and I.

20130716_192213John Lloyd hosts the event with DJ Suzy and Chico.

20130716_194134Welcoming the newest addition to our Greenwich barkada: Marco Lobregat, Andi Manzano and Gino Quillamor.

20130716_193441We’re in pizza heaven!

20130716_193353Greenwich Pizza Thins can be enjoyed starting at P189 for the double size! Order now: call 555-55!

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