Top 10 things you need to prepare for a newborn

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Before anything else, I’d like to clarify that I’m not pregnant. Haha. Not yet anyway. The reason why I’m blogging about Mothercare is because I had an amazing time accompanying my BFF and sister-in-law, Bianca as she made last minute preparations for her upcoming birth. Of course, at this point all of Bianca’s family and friends already know that she has given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Juliana. She actually gave birth ONE day after this little shopping trip of ours, which was just perfect timing because she was able to get everything she needed in the nick of time!

Obviously, since I haven’t experienced getting pregnant, I was clueless as to the items one needs to prepare for a newborn. I mean, how much stuff does a baby need anyway? Well, apparently, its a lot. I must say I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of baby things available at Mothercare, which is of course, a good thing (options are good). But when I put myself in a new mom’s shoes, not knowing anything about a newborn’s needs, I felt lost, which Bianca assured me is perfectly normal because that’s how she felt during her first pregnancy.

A little backstory: this is Bianca’s second pregnancy. She is an amazing mom to her daughter Adriana and will no doubt be just as great with her second one. She has a no-nonsense approach to the whole thing, which I admire because she tells you what is really up (believe me, I’ve already begun to take notes). She is also very open and real, and just really loves her daughters to bits.

As we shopped, Bianca explained how a new mom tends to overload on things she doesn’t really need. And it’ll only be until after a few weeks (or even months) that she’ll begin to discover what’s essential, which can be expensive, and frankly, wasteful. At this point, I was all ears. I really wanted to know what these essentials are so when its my turn have a baby, I’ll know what I need.

20130724_205541Bianca really needed a crib, so we looked at the different ones at Mothercare. Design and color were important, but function is really the deciding factor for choosing the right one.

20130724_205823This crib was beautiful. Bianca liked the sheets and bumpers.

20130724_205223Looking at baby towels.

20130724_205943I love bags, but in this section I felt a little lost. I had no idea shopping for diaper bags could be so complicated!

20130724_210030Of course, Bianca straightened me out. While so many of them were all about the flashy designs, to her a diaper bag should really be comfortable since you’ll be carrying it everyday.


Now, here comes the important part: learning what’s essential. Here are Bianca’s picks for every new mom-to-be:

1 copy

I had no idea there was such a thing! What a smart way to design a crib–you can actually transform it into a bed so your little one can use it from birth until he/she is around 7-10 years old. This WINNIE THE POOH COTBED (P23,599) is such a great find!


2 copy

I’ve never changed a diaper in my life, so I don’t know what new parents go through. Apparently, used diapers can be really stinky. Like so stinky you’ll want to get it out of the house as soon as possible. Well, you won’t need to make that effort every time you change a diaper if you use a trash bin like TOMMY TIPEE SANIGENIC (P3,499). It has a unique way of sealing each diaper so you won’t smell a thing when you dispose it.


3This one is a must for every mom. This support wrap is made to make your pregnancy more comfortable. It helps carry the extra weight on your belly, which can be heavy towards the latter part of the pregnancy. BELLY BANDIT (all P3,295) makes the best ones as they’re natural and breathable, and they even have belly wraps to help shrink that post-pregnancy belly.


fourThis particular diaper bag is special, because of its many, many compartments. This doesn’t just pack away extra diapers but can also carry baby bottles and any other thing a baby may need when leaving the house. It even has a changing pad, which is can make life easier because you can change your baby’s diapers practically anywhere. The wonder bag is aptly called JU-JU-BE MIGHTY BE (P3,010).


5Of course, I was drawn to the colours and how cute the little tools look, but really, this is super useful. This ERGONOMICALLY-SHAPED DELUXE GROOMING KIT (P1,249) is a baby’s first beauty/grooming kit, complete with a comb, brush, toothbrush, nail clipper, nail file(s), scissors, decongester and bath thermometer. I love that it comes in a neat little case so you won’t lose anything.


6 copyBreastfeeding is one of the wonders of giving birth, which to some new-moms can be uncomfortable (so I hear). It is so great that there are all these new innovations available to us that make things a little better. Avent continues to be a top choice for breastfeeding products, with their wide range of choices for moms. (Clockwise from bottom left) AVENT NATURAL FEEDING BOTTLE – PACK OF TWO 4 OZ. (P879.75), AVENT TWO-IN-ONE THERMO PAD (P1,199.75), AVENT SINGLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP (P14,499), AVENT NIPPLE SHIELD (P879.75), AVENT NIPPLE CREAM (P1,129.75).


7Sadly, this is a must for most of us who live in the city. No doubt we need to create an environment with cleaner air, especially when we have a newborn around. This air sterilizer from MEDKLINN (P12,999) should be on every parents’ list.


8I like the fact that this is foldable, because I don’t like clutter. This FLEXI BATHTUB (P2,495) easily tucks away into a little nook or corner when you don’t need it. It also has a simple contraption that acts like a seat to prevent the baby from slipping during bath time.


9This is really the only thing I know how to buy, because I have a lot of inaanaks and baby clothes always make the cutest gifts. The best deals is in buying sets. Baby clothing usually come in starter packs that carry two to three onesies, one or two bibs and a pair of socks or a bonnet. This 8-PIECE NEW BABY GIFT SET (P1,699) is pretty complete. Also every newborn needs a SWADDLING BLANKET (P1,249) to keep baby snug and happy.



The final thing every parent needs: a stroller! There are just so much to choose from these days, it can be daunting to go shopping for one. For Bianca, again its about simplicity and function. She thought this MOTHERCARE STROLLER is complete, design and function-wise.


20130724_205026I had so much fun learning about all this! Thanks again Bianca! 🙂

20130724_210316Before we left, Bianca filled out a baby registry so family and friends can give her anything else she might need for little Juliana. Mothercare was so helpful and accommodating. It was so easy to set up this registry.

20130724_210826After signing up, Bianca was given Mothercare gift cards so she can easily insert these in, say, a baptism invitation.


THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mothercare for taking care of Bianca’s baby needs! We really had so much fun shopping. Big thank you to Mariel Bartolome for accommodating us and Niko de Leon for setting this up.


Mothercare Bonifacio High Street: 478 04 73| Mothercare Greenbelt 5: 501 30 85| Mothercare Shangri-la Plaza Mall : 631 18 96 | Mothercare Trinoma: 901 30 97 | Mothercare Abreeza Mall Davao : 082-321 93 69| Mothercare SM Masinag: 655 18 65| Mothercare Galleria: 576 36 44 | Mothercare Harbor Point: 04- 725 11 03 | Mothercare Robinsons Magnolia: 442 88 38 | Mothercare Centrio: 088- 323 40 71

Early Learning Centre BHS: 519 21 91| Early Learning Centre Greenbelt 5: 6214347



  1. Topaz Mommy Reply

    As a mom of two and a Mothercare fan, I highly recommend these on your list:
    1. convertible bed (I have one, too! It’s now in the toddler bed configuration.)
    2. breastfeeding paraphernalia
    3. newborn clothes (she’ll get tons of baby clothes but guests usually buy the pang-older babies kasi they’re cuter. They always forget to get the simpler newborn clothes)

    The rest not really necessary, although I do love the Flexitub! And the Belly Bandit helped shrink my waist!

    Congrats to Bianca!

    =) Frances Amper Sales

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Thanks for the tip, Frances! 🙂 Ill keep this in mind when its my turn to be a mom! Cheers!

  2. Lai Reply

    i need that trash bin and belly bandit! 🙂

  3. Anna Reply

    I’m a mother of two kids. A pillow is one of greatest investment for me and my family.I always seek expert analysis on the best pillows to suit my needs

  4. Shin Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I’m 27 and it’s my first time to be a mom, so Im really excited and been planning to buy stuffs for the baby. This helps me a lot to choose what’s really important to buy first 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      YAY! I am glad I could be of help to you. 🙂

  5. Kaye Reply

    Hi Kelly. I’m a soon-to-be-mom and have already bought a few essentials, but will still be needing quite a few items still. The list you have here is very helpful for first time moms like me who are clueless and are overwhelmed with so many things a baby could potentially need. May I know which Mothercare branch did you go to? Which branch is the biggest and has the most items on diplay? I went to Mothercare Glorietta, but would like to check out bigger branches for wider selection. Thank you.

    1. Kelly Misa Reply

      I’m glad you liked it. I wrote this a few years ago when I was just newly married so that list was by my sister-in-law Bianca. 🙂 The biggest Mothercare I’ve been to was the one in BGC–I think it has the widest selection of products as it even includes furniture for the nursery. Check it out, and I hope you find everything you need there. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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