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I’ve always been a little intimidated by wine. Don’t get me wrong, I love it–after a long day, a glass (or two) is exactly what I need to relax. But as much as I enjoy it, I’ve never really taken the time to explore the different kinds of wines or even made an effort to familiarize myself with it. What I’d usually do is ask help from my friends who are knowledgeable with it. I call or text them to ask for advice when I am out looking for a bottle to buy (the text/call would usually start with: “hi. What was that wine again from so and so that you recommended?”). Or when I’m at a get-together and chance on a great-tasting wine, I take a photo of the bottle so I can purchase the same one next time. Or when all else fails, I buy wine based on its name and/or label design (I’m hopeless haha).

I am hoping most of you out there are like me (enjoys wine but is secretly daunted by it). Wine can seem complicated, and there are just so many kinds out there, you wouldn’t know where to start if you wanted to learn about it!

This is where PLANET GRAPES comes in.

Planet Grapes is a new wine bar/store where you can discover wine one grape at a time, without judgment (there is no right or wrong way to drink wine here), anxiety or drama. The store carries two Enomatic wine dispensers where customers can try up to 16 different wines by the glass, from the best wine regions in the world. For those of you who didn’t know, Enomatic is the first company in the world to create a system capable of preserving wine for up to 4 weeks  and to serve it perfectly, giving everyone the chance to taste premium wines by the glass. I was able to try it at the launch of Planet Grapes, and it was great! You have the option of sampling the wine or getting a full glass. You can easily try different wines so you can compare and assess which are your favorites! Personally, I love this idea. You don’t have to buy a bottle and pray that it is good. You can actually try from the store’s best selection and purchase the exact bottle you want (no surprises).

I was happy to attend the launch a few weeks ago. It was such a fun event, literally everyone was chatty throughout the night (hmm I wonder why haha). Tim Yap hosted the launch, and Patty Laurel-Filart and I were invited to talk about our experience with wine, comparing it our husbands’ personalities. It was a riot, as expected, especially with all the games guest celebs had to play. It was no doubt a fun night, just check out these photos!





PLANET GRAPES is at G/F Building 3 of Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Upper McKinley Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 



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