Once upon a time, I danced ballet. Mama used to dance, so she naturally wanted to pass down the tradition to me and my sister. I began dancing at four years old, and continued on until I was 12. Its sad because I used to hate ballet. Saturday mornings were always a struggle as my yaya would try her best to put on my tights and leotard while I was sleeping. And if I’d ¬†wake up, I would start crying while violently kicking away my costume (what a brat). I remember I would be half asleep in morning class, and would never put any effort into what I was doing. I didn’t even bother to memorize the steps, I simply imitated the girl in front of me.

Its funny, but I remember the reason why didn’t like ballet. It was because I was missing out on Saturday morning cartoons, which was at that time my favorite thing. I discovered it during those days when I didn’t have class and thought it was the greatest thing ever (hello, I was missing out on Jem & the Holograms, Beverly Hills Teens, Carebears, Rainbow Brite and Garfield & Friends!!) It was the sort of thing my classmates would talk about, and I felt left out because I could never watch them.

In time, things changed. I started realizing the benefits I got from dancing, and all of a sudden I knew what the steps were called, how to do it and eventually, I wanted to be better at it. I started to love classical music, and to this day I still know all the symphonies I danced to by heart. My sister and I eventually got ballet fever, and began to buy ballet everything–notebooks, stationary, books and magazines, you name it. From perusing my sister’s Dance Magazine, I learned about Repetto. The brand had just come out with the split-sole ballet shoes, which I thought was just beautiful. I actually believed I could be better at dancing if I wore it, so I asked my grandparents to buy it for me when they went to the States.

I loved those shoes. When I got them, I wanted to go to ballet class every Saturday. It was something I looked forward to, and at some point I believed they were magical. Unfortunately, my ballet years were numbered. As I sought other interests, my love for dance was forgotten. It was not until last year when I rediscovered the same shoe brand I obsessed about as a child/tween that I started appreciating ballet, and ballet-inspired fashion.

The first time I stepped into the Repetto store in Greenbelt 3, I saw/heard all the familiar things I grew up with: a barre, soft ballet and toe shoes, tutus, tights and leotards, and classical music. It was like being transported to the early 90’s, to a time when I loved ballet. But instead of going crazy over split-sole soft shoes, this time it was the ballet flats that caught my interest.

I really love Repetto, not only because they make amazing ballet flats, but because it is clear they still uphold the same philosophy. They cater to the dancer first, then to the stylish woman. Everything they design has a purpose, and they always have the dancer in mind. This carries over beautifully, because we non-dancers get the most comfortable items with the most functional designs.

It was such a treat to learn all about the brand through its owner, Mr. Jean Marc Gaucher at Repetto’s event last week. Daphne Osena-Paez did an amazing job interviewing him. Scroll down to view the photos.


The event began with lunch at Sala Bistro. As we had dessert, Ballet Philippines Principal Dancer Carissa Adea performed.

20130724_133523She was lithe and graceful, as a ballerina should be.

20130724_134647Daphne Osena-Paez hosted the event, here she is with Philip Cruz of Rogue Magazine.

20130724_134613Suyen Corp’s GM Bryan Lim.


20130724_134253Outside was an exhibit flown in from Paris. It featured costumes and shoes designed by amazing designers and celebrities.

20130724_134337One-of-a-kind ballet flats and jazz shoes.

20130724_134350Beautiful toe shoes. This lace pair is divine.

20130724_134322This gold pair was designed by Tobias Wong. I love that it looks like it was dipped in gold.

20130724_134314Black & white and brightly colored jazz shoes.

20130724_134419Pearl-embellished tutu.

20130724_134305These look amazing, by Proenza Schouler.

20130724_134210More ballet flats from iconic women.

20130724_134201Unique pairs designed by Carla Bruni and Vanessa Paradis.

20130724_134125Gorgeous. These red gingham ones are love.

20130724_134234More tutus.

20130724_135628After the lunch, we headed to the store. These dance-inspired dresses look so comfortable.

20130724_135337Every color of the rainbow. Beautiful Repetto ballet flats.

20130724_135604Jazz shoes and loafers.

20130724_135559More choices.

20130724_135516A wide assortment of ballet costumes.

20130724_135510The best ballet toe shoes.

20130724_135450I couldn’t get over how pretty these leather bags are. They are ultra soft!

20130724_135446Their bags are made with dancers in mind. Repetto makes sure the bags are soft so dancers can use them pillows while they rest/sleep backstage.

20130724_135430Another thing about their bag designs is they usually have big openings. This way dancers can easily find what they are looking for.

20130724_135420An everyday shopping tote.

20130724_135437Red is such a beautiful color when paired with ballerina pink.

20130724_135404This one is such a ballerina bag. Love it!


  1. michellema Reply

    My dream shoes! Wish I can afford a Ballerina Cendrillon in flammy red someday.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Aren’t they pretty? Red would be the perfect colour!

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