Getting inspired with Kitchenaid

It seems my desire to cook/bake/be great in the kitchen has been heard, by no less than the awesome people from KITCHENAID! Yes, how exciting! The iconic cooking/baking appliance brand has sent over beautiful products that will literally become my sous chefs. I have to admit, my cooking and baking skills haven’t improved much since those cooking classes Patty Laurel-Filart and I took back in August (read about it here). I blame the month-long vacation and now the big move we’re doing (from our teeny apartment to a house–YAY!). All that plus catching up with a lot of work has left me very little time to spend in the kitchen. I am planning to make it (at the very least) a weekend habit to cook and/or bake up a storm, just so I can practice, practice, practice!

And boy, have I been doing my homework! During my free time (that’s usually when I’m stuck in traffic, or waiting between meetings) I look up these cooking videos that show me how to use my Kitchenaid buddies. Honestly, each video amazes me because you can do SO MUCH with them! Like I can now make mayonnaise, pesto sauce, and thick, yummy soups ALL FROM SCRATCH. I can even make smoothies, cupcakes, and well, pretty much any cake now! I think its super cool that there are these amazing products that make life so much easier, especially when making delicious, glorious food!

For sure, Ill be posting my recipes and cooking stories here soon (let me just set up my kitchen haha). Hopefully in time Ill be able to show you a trick or two on how to use these babies. Click, click, click on these videos to learn more about Kitchenaid’s mighty kitchen tools: the Hand Mixer, the Hand Blender, and the Food Chopper!

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