SURFACE: Espiritu for TRU


I was lucky enough to meet Luis Espiritu at the start of my modelling career. He was one of the first people who really believed in me, and gave me the confidence to believe in myself, and know that I can achieve my dreams once I set my mind to it. I consider him an inspiration, not only because he was my agent, mentor, and good friend, but because he is one of the most creative persons I know. Luis has been a fashion stylist even before this became a popular profession. He has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and in that time he has produced countless editorials and ad campaigns that sought to inspire and influence.

And after seven years, Luis has (finally) come out with a second bag line called SURFACE. His label, called Espiritu for TRU has been known for its fine leather that range from calf, lambskin, and stingray, in classic designs that will surely stand the test of time. I got to touch and feel (even smell) these bags for myself, and couldn’t help but gush over them. Aside from its stylish designs, these are also easy and functional. More importantly, these aren’t trendy items that would lose its value after only a season, but beautifully handmade bags that you can use over and over, throughout the years. The styles range from effortless clutches and dainty handbags, to oversized totes. And clearly, the industry’s best and brightest couldn’t get enough of it. From models to editors, designers and personalities, Luis’s designs are a hit.


SURFACE: Espiritu by TRU is available at TRU Р2/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City 

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