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I don’t know about you, but for me, good shirts are hard to come by. Yes, even with all the different t-shirt brands I am still complaining there aren’t enough shirts out there. I know, I sound a little crazy, but its only because I take my t-shirts seriously. This is my ultimate go-to piece when I feel like I have nothing to wear. Its a no-brainer, its basic, I know how it fits, and it matches pretty much anything in my closet. T-shirts are probably the most used item in my closet–I use them for running errands, work, going out, and even working out (haha I can’t even think of an occasion where I cant wear a t-shirt).

And so, when I heard about this local brand called THREAD 365, I couldn’t help but do a little research on it. Of course, I needed to find out what this t-shirt brand was all about and more importantly, I had to see for myself how these fit and felt against my skin. The brand was kind enough to send me samples (thank you, Thread 365) which I discovered quickly became part of my most used articles of clothing in my closet.

There’s no question why–this brand offers classic pieces that stand the test of time, enduring seasons and trends. Personally, this allows me to follow my own personal style, as I can dress it up or down as I please. Another thing I love about this brand is that it is 100% cotton, which is a must for a tropical country such as ours (in case you didn’t know, synthetic materials do not breath as well as cotton does, which can make them hot to wear).


(Press release) A homegrown brand of Terry S.A. Incorporated (TSA), the same company that introduced brands like Havaianas and Bensimon in the Philippines, Thread 365 embodies the values held close by TSA: quality, comfort, style and versatility. Recognizing an opportunity in the market for reliable, well-made classic clothing  amidst an  influx of international fast fashion brands, Thread 365 is designed to endure seasons and trends, Thread 365 is the perfect complement for an individual’s personal style. Dress it up, dress it down – the brand is built to be worn whenever, WEARever, all 365 days of the year.




And to kick start Thread 365’s launch, it came up with its Photo Project, where 38 key influencers were handpicked to take part in a photo shoot with Sara Black. Among its roster of aspirational individuals are distinct personalities and influencers in their own fields. Foodie and host Xandra Rocha, fashion blogger Patricia Prieto, fashionista and host Sam Sadhwani, model Sinoia Nzima and athlete Tata Garcia join the impressive list.

Xandra RochaPatricia PrietoSinoia Nzima Sam SadhwaniTata Garcia


To get your own Thread 365 t-shirt, go to their online site

  1. Cat Reply

    I totally agree that it isn’t easy to find t-shirts that fit perfectly. I’ve even resorted to having them made. Haha.

    Thank you for the tip, Kel! I’ll be sure to check this local brand out. 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      You’re welcome, Cat! You said it, it is so difficult to find the perfect t-shirt! 🙂 Having them made isn’t a bad idea!

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