7-Eleven Bring Your Own Cup Day


OH YEAH! Bring Your Own Cup Day is finally here in the Philippines!!! Which means for ONE DAY we can come up with the craziest, most creative, and most inventive ways to enjoy our favorite 7-Eleven SLURPEE. The day was originally thought up by awesome Aussies, who showed the world how wild and incredibly imaginative they could get when it comes to drinking this yummy slushy beverage. They went all out, bringing unbelievable containers like mannequins, dog bowls, trumpets, cowboy boots, and even a wheelbarrow! How crazy is that?! Haha.

And so, the Philippines will get to enjoy that same experience on (remember this date) NOVEMBER 7, 2013! Which means we have approximately three (3) days to come up with the funniest, most ingenious “cups” to bring to our nearest 7-Eleven stores. But before you bring out kid’s wading pool or your heavy duty garbage bags (haha I know what you’re thinking), you must know that BYO Cup Day has a few rules we must abide with. Read up:

1. You can only fill ONE cup. For only P29 you can fill your cup to the brim. If you brought more than one cup, then be ready to pay another P29.

2. The cup must be hygienic. This is super important–the cup has to be clean and free of any impurities, because hello, you can get sick if you consume anything dirty!

3. Make sure your cup is watertight. Really, its such a waste if your cup isn’t sturdy enough, or if it actually has holes. You’ll just be making a big ol’ mess. Haha.

4. It must be fixed in size and shape. So if you have any ideas of inflating something or bringing something that expands, nope, you can’t use that. No plastic bags!!!

5. It has to pass through the MaCUPangyarihang Bilog (or Magic Circle/Hole). In every 7-Eleven branch there will be a standee that has a hole in it. If your “cup” can fit in the hole, then you’re good to go.

And that’s about it! Anything that can be filled is fair game, as long as you follow these rules.


Another exciting thing about BYO Cup Day? 7-Eleven has partnered up with Coca-Cola, which means we get to enjoy our favorite Coke in an icy slushy Slurpee form. This makes it one happy drinking experience!

“We are excited for the Slurpee BYO Cup Day and look forward to seeing the crazy cups our customers will bring. We’re glad to be able to bring this fun event to the Philippines, together with Coca-Cola. Slurpee BYO Cup Day is the perfect way to start off our partnership with Coca-Cola for Slurpee, especially since both brands are fun and dynamic,” says Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation, country licensee of the 7-Eleven store chain. 

“The partnership really is cause for celebration. Coca-Cola has always concerned itself with bringing happiness in every single drinking experience, and we truly believe that partnering with 7-Eleven is a great step to making even more people happy” said Atty. Adel Tamano, Vice-President for Public Affairs and Communications of Coca-Cola Philippines.

20131023_140634This is what we’ll be seeing at our favorite 7-Eleven stores.

20131023_140659And the two flavors we’ll be enjoying on BYO Cup Day are: Cool & Classic COLA (by Coca-Cola) and Rad Raspberry!


20131023_140459Remember the MaCUPangyarihang Bilog I was talking about earlier? This is the standee!

20131023_140521The diameter of this hole is 9 inches, if your “cup” can fit in here, you’re good to go!

20131023_140542Upload your craziest cup photos on Facebook and Instagram and you get to win P5,000 cash! Don’t forget that for Facebook you need to link your photo to 711Philippines, and for Instagram tag @711ph and use the hashtag #BYOCupDay! They also did this contest in Australia and the best cup that won last year was: a thimble hahaha!

20131023_140509So here are some “cup” ideas for you: a Halloween candy bucket, a beer mug, a boot (make sure this is clean and watertight), a cookie jar and a “tabo” hahaha.

20131023_140555More ideas for you.

20131023_140449At the event at URBN–we were given the BYO Cup Day experience!

20131023_1444387-Eleven’s Slurpee and Coca-Cola partner up.

20131023_1501537-Eleven and Coca-Cola bosses kick-off the media version of BYO Cup Day.

20131023_150424The great minds behind BYO Cup Day Philippines.

20131023_141152Just to show you what your typical Slurpee paper cup looks like.

20131023_141050And what I brought: a MIXING BOWL, which kind of looks like a hard hat now that I think about it.

20131023_150826Photo with Marianne Matic from Nuffnang Philippines, fashion blogger David Guison and other bloggers.

20131023_151459Enjoying BYO Cup day with fellow bloggers!


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