Christmas shopping at Thomas Sabo


And just like that, Christmas is here!!!

No doubt, the holiday season is everyone’s favorite time of year–its practically the only time we get to exchange special, well-thought out presents to each other in the spirit of giving. Personally, I love giving gifts, probably more than receiving them–I just think its sweet when you spend time, money, and effort getting something nice for the people you love without expecting anything in return.

I have to admit though, Christmas shopping can be a daunting task (especially when busy with work). But it is so worth the trouble when you see that happy look on your loved one’s face when he/she opens your gift. There’s no feeling like it! Its like you want to give yourself a pat on the back for making this person happy, at least for that moment. Of course, at this point I’ve already come up with my own set of “rules” (yes, I’m pretty obsessive-compulsive), just to make sure I always get the right gifts for the most important people in my life. I thought that maybe I should share them, in case one or two of you were having trouble with your Christmas shopping.

Rule No. 1: I have to make sure I get something personalized and special. My gift has to be unique and something that person may want, as opposed to a random gift that doesn’t relate at all to him/her. I usually do my research before buying, to make sure I know exactly what that person likes. I also try to “fish” around for clues weeks in advance, and if that doesn’t work, I go with them shopping just to see what they pick up, try on, and purchase.

Rule No. 2: The gift has to last, at least for a few good years. Ideally, it should be able to withstand time, constant use, and trends. I really wouldn’t want to give something that will break or tarnish after only a few uses, or worse, will go out of style in just a few months. I really find it more sayang when I buy a cheaper alternative and it breaks almost immediately. Spending a little more for quality ensures you don’t waste your money, also that person will surely appreciate it more.

Rule No. 3: The gift has to have a use or a purpose. I’d really want that person to use my gift as often as he/she can. If its something he/she can use everyday, then all the better. It has to be useful and functional, so it doesn’t end up at the back of his/her closet or in a storage bin. Also, its a little corny, but whenever that person uses the gift then he/she will remember that you gave it haha. I think its sweet when your gift can make that person think of you everyday!


So one of my favorite places to buy gifts is Thomas Sabo. The store carries beautiful, specialized pieces of jewelry that are made of sterling silver or gold. I especially love their charms, as you can “build” a bracelet or a necklace based on a person’s interests or personality. They offer a vast number of charms that go from girly to playful, sporty to kitsch, and elegant to sophisticated–really, it makes personalizing gifts super fun and easy. I passed by Thomas Sabo’s Rockwell branch a couple of days ago to see what they had to offer. Of course, I found plenty of gift ideas for Christmas–this is such a great place to find that special something for your mom, sister, best friend, cousin, or niece. Tip: they also carry a good selection of men’s accessories for the men in your life. It is really worth checking out.

20131108_184219Pretty charms from Thomas Sabo’s latest collection.

20131108_190008Trying out a customized tri-color charm bracelet.

20131108_190726More things I like. These are jewelry you can wear everyday.

20131108_190914Each charm is so intricately made and detailed.

20131108_185345I love this bracelet. You can attach up to three charms on it.

20131108_183904Love this collection. The Hand of Fatima pendant is so pretty.

20131108_183949More gift ideas!

20131108_184425This heart-shaped locket is gold-plated and tarnish-resistant. It also opens up.

20131108_185026The cutest bear pendant in rose gold.

20131108_185040Another one, in sterling silver.

20131108_184020Ribbons! These are adorable.

For more information, visit Thomas Sabo’s Facebook page:

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