Winner of my Oishi O-Wow Contest

And so I am late! I apologize. I know I told you I would announce the winner of the giant bag of Oishi last November 16, but with the terrible conditions our brothers and sisters in Visayas are going through because of super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, I just couldn’t blog.

I can’t say I’m back to regular programming, because I am still trying to figure out which stories are appropriate for these next few weeks. I hate to say it, but after everything that’s happened it all seems trivial. But then again, we also ought to get back to doing normal things, while still of course doing our part to help the Yolanda victims. Its all about balance, I guess.

A lot of you have been tweeting me and messaging me here, asking me for the winner of the contest. I suppose I do owe it to you guys–you have been so great retweeting the Oishi O-Wow video. I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who joined, and to the winner, congratulations!!! I really had a difficult time choosing, but tweets/messages from two people stuck–both husband and wife joined for their daughter, which I found touching. CONGRATS to Clint and Arra Odeza!!! You win a giant bag of Oishi products!  🙂

  1. odezaarraacodeza Reply

    OMG!!!! IM SO SO HAPPY!!! YEY!! i almost jump lol im really happy for my daughter will be very surprise with the giant oishi

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