Inglot now in Manila


Polish makeup brand INGLOT is now in Manila. The brand used by professional makeup artists has finally opened in Glorietta 5, which is amazing news for makeup junkies like myself. I really love this brand because it is highly pigmented. This means you only need a little of the product to get the effect you want. Of course, I completely forgot about this when I was trying out the products at the opening. That peach blusher I applied made my cheek look like an actual peach! Haha. That’s when I realized I am so heavy-handed when it comes to applying makeup! With other brands, I have to swipe my brush on the product a couple of times in order to get the color in. But, for Inglot, you only need very little. Its powders are so finely-milled and super pigmented, they are such a joy to use!

The store itself was a lot of fun, because Inglot has such an extensive range of colors (all paraben-free and never tested on animals). They boast of 3 trillion combinations! I cant share enough how happy this made me, I mean just looking at the number of options I had for brown eyeshadow–there were SO MANY. All tones and shades of browns you can imagine, they had it. Of course, it doesn’t stop there–they carry practically every shade there is in the rainbow. And this is for eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, blushers, and nail polish. Also, when it comes to foundation and face powders, they have every skin tone and color, too. It was really like being in a candy store (they are so affordable, too)!

I was, of course, lucky enough to host the event and introduce Inglot’s Chief Makeup Artist Mickey See to everyone. I’ve known Mickey for years now, and I believe I was at one of his first shoots back in 2005. He is such a talented and sweet person–he of all people deserves this prestigious post! Also I was happy to welcome the newest players in the makeup scene, Hazel Lim-Lee Hok, Pauline Lim, Michelle Lim Gankee, and Stephanie Borbe, who brought in the brand to the Philippines.

FSPV_INGLOT 143PV_INGLOT 154Inglot offers a different way of shopping for makeup. Their Freedom System allows us to experiment with countless shades and color combinations, letting us create customized color palettes across all makeup categories.

IMG_4145The busy store at the opening.

PV_INGLOT 240With makeup artists Krist Bansuelo, Mickey See and Pia Reyes.

PV_INGLOT 64Mickey See and the actresses who love him: Empress Schuck, Liza Sobrerano and Michelle Vito.

IMG_4537Mickey giving my makeup a quick retouch.

PV_INGLOT 228Mickey showing Fabio Ide how natural Inglot’s powders look.

PV_INGLOT 247Omar Ermita, Hideo Muraoka, Fatima Rabago, Mickey See and Mau de Leon.

PV_INGLOT 223Jessica Yang and Fabio Ide.

PV_INGLOT 174With the owner of Inglot in the Philippines Michelle Lim Gankee and its chief makeup artist Mickey See. My dress is from GUESS.

PV_INGLOT 286Rufa Mae Quinto came to support Mickey.

PV_INGLOT 227Model couple Fatima and Hideo.

PV_INGLOT 284More models came to show their support.

PV_INGLOT 87Liza Soberano, Michelle Vito and Empress.

IMG_4668With Mickey and Coleen Garcia.

PV_INGLOT 191The Lim sisters pose with their dad.    

1 Inglot is now open at Glorietta 5. 

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