Your innovative ideas can save lives

This video, brought to us by Oxfam and ThirtySixO Media (special thanks to Patty Laurel-Filart), shows us a glimpse into what it was like to survive a horrific event like super typhoon Yolanda. These people lost everything in a matter of hours and still they had to continue on every day with barely enough food, water, shelter, and no livelihood. Thankfully, big-hearted international organizations like Oxfam responded quickly, and distributed aid and relief when victims needed it the most. No doubt, these relief goods helped save lives. This was their lifeline, it gave them renewed energy to rebuild and save whatever was left from their things. Sadly, other parts of Visayas had it worse, as they also had to deal with deaths of their loved-ones and finding their bodies/properly burying them.

I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to start all over again, from nothing. Getting back on their feet will surely take time, and they’ll need all the help they could get. And as typhoons get stronger, and floods get worse each year, we have no choice but to think of long-term plans that will prepare us for the next super typhoon. At the same time, what we need to deal with right now is helping typhoon-stricken areas rebuild and get back their lives.

I think it is possible. With careful planning and smart, innovative ideas, we can help rebuild the lives of Yolanda victims. They can and will get on their feet again with our help. Now, I’m not talking about donations, money, or even volunteering time here. Two days ago I shared the newest campaign of PHILIPS, asking for our BEST and MOST INNOVATIVE ideas to help our brothers and sisters in Visayas (in case you missed it, click HERE). The company has pledged 1-million pesos to fund the best, smartest, and most innovative idea, that can only come from you. Think of it as your biggest contribution yet–your idea can actually become a reality and help thousands of lives.

It can be an infrastructure innovation that will help rebuild lost homes, health solutions that will allow people to be efficiently treated by a medical team or give them access to clean water or food, or it could be a means of access to healthcare facilities–all ideas are accepted as entries, but make sure these are do-able and its technology is within reach. I can’t stress enough how important this project is to our countrymen–this will allow them a better life, and really that is all we wish for them.

If you have an innovative idea running through your head and you think it may just work, click HERE, explain your plan of action and press SUBMIT. Its really that easy. Again, funding will be coming from Philips, and the project is worth 1-million pesos. Submission of entries is only until December 15 so NOW is the time to brainstorm. CONTRIBUTE your ideas today.

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