Happy birthday, Lily!


It’s my baby girl’s birthday month! Lily, my sharpei-mix doggie was born in January 2007, which makes her 7 years old (or in human years–49). This means she is already middle aged, and way older than me (haha, sorry Lily). Its hard to believe that seven years has passed since I first took her home with me. Her mom, Coco, is my sister-in-law Bianca’s dog. She was the alpha dog of the litter (father unknown) and no one wanted her. So after a good four months with her mother, I adopted her. It was the best decision I’ve ever made because she is the smartest, sweetest and most protective dog–ever. She got her loyalty from her mom (the sharpei breed is known to have one master) and she is so smart its scary! I really feel like she can understand us. Like, whenever my husband and I hug she really goes between us and joins in. Its so sweet! And when we fight, or play fight, she gets mad and barks at us until we stop. She also does this bark talk, like she seriously wants to join in the conversation but she is barking. Its hilarious. My husband walks her without a leash, which I do once in awhile but I’m too paranoid–I can’t let anything happen to her. He even bikes around the village and she follows him, which always freaks me out haha. I always pray nothing happens to her whenever he does this but really, she is so smart and focused she will follow him anywhere! Carlos even biked with her around Makati when we used to live there. Without a leash. Insane!

It was only last year that she learned about the beach. Before that she was a house dog at my parents’ house and never really went anywhere. But when my husband and I got our own place we started bringing her with us to short distances and finally to a beach trip in Batangas. I swear, it changed her life. She was so happy and free running around the beach, she even learned how to swim (this is a feat, because sharpeis hate the water). Every time we would go to the water she would accompany us, doing her doggie paddle and circling us like a shark. It took her a day to get used to our friends, but soon enough she warmed up to them (she can be a little mataray to strangers). Now she’s part of the group, and even joins group photos haha.

This girl is really a character, and my husband and I are so lucky she a part of our family. She welcomes us every time we come home like we haven’t seen each other in years, and demands for a pasalubong–anything she can put on her mouth that she will bring back to her little nook. It can be a folded piece of paper or cardboard, anything from our trip to bring home to her. She always wants to cuddle and hug, and will put her head on our chest or lap and kind of fall on us sideways. And she is so obsessive compulsive about being clean (I think she got that from me), she constantly cleans her paws and doesn’t like lying down on dirty spots. She knows when her photo is being taken, and I swear sometimes she poses! She is a weird, funny dog and we love her dearly.

And though she can’t read this, I hope she knows how much we love her! Happy birthday, Lily!!! Our little family won’t be complete without you.

DSC00030Our first photo! The night we took her home with us. She stared straight at the camera and posed!

DSC00031Haha (dirty) kisses!

IMG_1556Staring contest–haha she always wins.

IMG_1547She was such an adorable puppy. She looks like a lion cub! 

IMG_1492I swear this look has worked on us–every time! SO cute!

IMG_1484Discovering her new bed. She destroyed this in a matter of weeks. Every piece gnawed and scattered!

IMG_1481She loves putting things in her mouth. She still does this but has learned not to destroy. This toy only lasted a couple of days.

IMG_1537She was so naughty haha–pulling the camera cord as I took the photo.

DSC00001She claimed this as her spot! Can you believe she also destroyed this giant bean bag?! It was gone in a few weeks. That pillow in days. We always disciplined her of course, but she always did it when no one was around.

IMG_2835Sudden growth spurt! Haha. This was her awkward stage I guess. Everything is just so long and gangly. Just a normal night hanging out in my room.

20130328_170248Her first beach trip! She always stayed on top of benches and mats because she didn’t want sand on her. So maarte

20130328_165845Pensive look. I wonder what she was thinking?! Probably food, food, FOOD.

20130328_164856With my best girl friend! Love her so much!

20130329_180158Getting in the water with Carlos, my husband. She is so in love with him. She follows him around everywhere!

20140116_164518In our new home. 

20140116_164450She immediately looked away when she noticed the camera.

20140116_165000She just got a treat–that’s peanut butter on her chin. Happy birthday LILY!!!

  1. rubyangel711 Reply

    Loved reading about Lily! She is too cute—happy birthday Lily!

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Glad you liked the post! Lily is the sweetest dog! 🙂

  2. Ann Reply

    Lily’s so cute! It’s great that your condo allows dogs. I have 2 toy poodles and I’ve been looking for condos that allow pets… If you don’t mind, may I know the developer of your condo?

  3. kellymisa Reply

    Oh I stay in a townhouse! They allow dogs here, luckily. 😊

  4. Doc & CJ Autrey Reply

    Loved this post! please post more about beautiful Lily. 🙂

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  6. Jennifer Reply

    Hello Kelly! I have a dog that needs a new loving family. I was wondering if you are planning to add one more to your family.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      That’s sweet of you to offer. Right now though we have our hands full with Tristan and Lily. If you can tell me the breed and age (or any more details about the dog, maybe a photo) I will be happy to share it with my friends. They may want to adopt him/her. 🙂

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