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Apart from my daily skincare routine of Pond’s Age Miracle products–I swear by the Facial Foam, Serum, Eye Cream and Night Cream–I make it a point to see a dermatologist regularly (or at least I try my best to). This helps prevents breakouts, as facials basically “clean” the skin by safely removing whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. This is something I would never attempt to do on my own (and neither should you) as it could only make matters worse. Dirt and bacteria from our hands and fingernails can actually infect the affected area and cause a whitehead to turn into a pimple, and a pimple to turn into an even bigger pimple or scar. And so once or twice a month I head over to a dermatologist to get a facial.

It was my first time to go to Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo‘s The Skin and Laser Clinic at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City a few months ago and I was pretty excited because I’ve heard so much about the skin care centre. Of course, I wasnt able to consult with Dr. Aivee herself for my facial (my procedure was super simple and didn’t really need her expertise) but I knew I was in good hands, as the place is also known for its efficient and very capable dermatologists and skin care technicians. I was to try Skeyndor Urban White facial for six consecutive treatments every two weeks. This was great news, because it meant I had to really come back twice a month to see results. I am usually so bad with keeping my derma appointments as my work schedule always gets in the way–locking down my appointments way in advance means I will have to schedule things around it (no more excuses).

And so I tried Urban White, which is a genetic depigmenting treatment that acts directly on the melanocytes, or the skin cells that produce the skin-darkening pigment: melanin. Its active ingredients are capable of reprogramming the behavior of the melanosomes, or the cellular site of synthesis, storage and transport of melanin–which I know, sounds very complicated and science book-y, but okay–it basically works by improving skin blemishes caused by sun damage or age, while progressively lightening skin’s pigment. If you were wondering why I chose this treatment, well, its not solely to get whiter skin, but to even out my color and possibly repair some of the sun-related damage I’ve done in the past (yes, now I realize how bad tanning is for the skin). I was told this treatment doesn’t necessarily make your skin paper white, it has a brightening effect which is what I’m after. Also, like I said it works by minimizing sun and blemish spots–another thing I really want for my skin.

Now, this treatment is just as long as your regular facial (60 minutes), but it includes a few more steps that involves facial massage and product application. This is when I usually fall asleep–having your face massaged is just so relaxing. And then I get the usual steam, which wakes me up as I sort of have to breathe in a certain angle (I’m sure most of you can relate haha), and then comes the actual cleaning, which may involve some pricking. This part is usually the worst for me, but if your skin technician is light handed you won’t really mind this. After a few tears are shed, the treatment is done–medicine is applied on my face, as well as another layer of Skeyndor Urban White product, which is part of a multi-step advanced kit.

I saw results immediately after the first session–my skin was not necessarily whiter, but it has a brightness to it. Of course, no one really leaves from getting a facial looking incredible, especially if you’ve had pricking done. I usually see results three to four days after, when my skin has completely healed and I begin to notice how great my complexion looks. And even more so in the weeks to come. I think coupling a great skin care regimen with regular visits to your derma makes skin flawless and blemish-free. Not to mention you get a brighter, more even complexion and a new-found confidence. Definitely, this is a treatment that I recommend because its not just a one-time thing–you will need to come back for 6 sessions every two weeks. I like the regularity of this. It is really just what one needs to maintain great skin.

For inquiries on Skeyndor treatments and products at Aivee Aguilar-Teo’s The Skin and Laser Clinic: 

VISIT: 2nd Floor, East Bldg, Forbestown Center Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City

Clinic hours: (Monday to Saturday) – 10am to 7pm

Tel. Nos.
+632 403.3245
+632 403.1982
+632 828.0197



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