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For me, bath time pretty much equates to fun time. I have this thing about being clean, so this is one ritual I definitely enjoy. More so when I discovered THE CREAM FACTORY. This luxurious bath cream not only smells wonderful (with 12 amazing flavors to choose from), it is made from goat’s milk, which has all kinds of skin benefits. It has great things like vitamins and minerals in there, as well as probiotics and essential fatty acids–these help moisturize skin and allow all the good stuff to be easily absorbed. Not only that, it offers collagen growth, exfoliating properties, healing benefits, all while maintaining skin’s natural PH level. Plus, it contains 100% active botanical extracts that levels up potency levels of the 12 delicious concoctions of The Cream Factory–really, its a win-win situation!

I got to sample some of the yummy flavors TCF has to offer, and so far, my favorites are Almond, Acai Berry, Cinnamon, and Chamomile. But more than the scent, each flavor actually caters to a specific skin condition, which I thought was the cleverest thing because each of us has our own skin care issues that needs to be addressed (and oh yes, TCF pretty much has everything covered). Here are the different flavors and its corresponding skin care attributes:

For AGE DEFYING, use Acai Berry.

DETOXIFYING–Almond, as it it known to have anti-bacterial properties.

For RADIANT SKIN, Avocado, as it contains anti-oxidants and Vitamin E.

For PURIFYING properties, its Cinnamon, as it is a known antiseptic.

CLARIFYING–Jojoba. This has been known to clear acne.

For GERM KILLING qualities, its anti-bacterial Honey.

As for REVITALIZING, choose Seaweed.

And for skin REJUVENATING, its Witch Hazel.

For SOOTHING, its Yogurt, as it has lactic acid that soothes skin.

To RELAX, its Camomile.

To BRIGHTEN, its Mulberry–this removes dark spots.

And to CALM, use Lavender.


The Cream Factory also has a line of delish scrubs that I cannot get enough of! They’re called Scrub-in-a-Tub, and what makes these different are the gradation of scrubs that range from gentle, to medium and deep exfoliation that really gives skin a noticeable glow. TCF Scrub-in-a-Tub consist of: Salty, which uses rock salt crystals to deeply exfoliate skin (this comes in Seaweed and Witch Hazel flavors), Yummy, made of real cocoa bean bits to reawaken skin in a seriously delicious way (available in Almond and Cinnamon), and Creamy, which contains walnut sprinkles to gently buff away skin impurities (in Honey and Jojoba).

 * * *

YAY! Contest time! The Cream Factory is giving away yummy Scrub-in-a-Tub to 10 lucky winners. Here’s what you have to do to win:

(1)          LIKE The Cream Factory Philippines on Facebook.

(2)         Leave a comment HERE explaining why you think you should be one of the 10 winners of this super scrub.

That’s it! Contest closes on 12midnight on January 19 (Sunday). The Cream Factory will be announcing the winners soon after on their FB page, so watch out for it.

You can order THE CREAM FACTORY products at Bath Creams (768ml) go for only P699, The Bundle Pack of 3 (221ml each) is only P799.  And Scrub-in-a-tubs are P599.

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