Cookoo watch


I’ve had my Cookoo watch for awhile now, and so far its become one of my favorite everyday watches. Not only because it looks good, and it wears so comfortably, but it connects to my phone and does really cool things like alert me when I have a new message or missed call, or if I’ve left my phone behind. This feature has been especially useful for me as I am constantly looking for my phone and worry that I’ve left it behind. Usually I find it in the deepest recesses of my bag, but its really great that I know its just within my reach because my watch doesn’t go off. No more, “OMG, I’ve left my phone!” haha. And other things like alerts in my calendar can link to my watch too so I won’t forget to text/call people. But my favorite feature has got to be the camera link. Get this: you can actually use the watch to control when your phone’s camera goes off. This means you can take far photos without asking someone to do it. Just click on the button on your watch and your phone takes a picture! Pretty cool, right? Also, its water and shock proof, so you can wear it ANYWHERE without having to worry about it breaking or conking out. Like I said, its an awesome everyday watch!

You can order your own in! These come in black, white, pink and blue.


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