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Summer is here–well, almost! In just a few weeks, it will be March, then summer officially begins (at least in this part of the world). During this time we should be revisiting our fave rotation of sheer tops, short skirts and even shorter shorts, as the temperature requires it. A change in makeup is also in order, as trends shift and makeup tend to be lighter and softer.

Naturally as we transition into a brand new season, we’d want to know more about the trends to come. I personally think this is an exciting time, as we usher in a new palette and a new way of applying makeup. Which is probably why I was all ears at MAC’s Spring/Summer 2014 Trends Presentation (as were all the other beauty editors in the room), where MAC Director of Makeup Artistry GREGORY ARLT shared the new beauty trends of the season.



Gregory was such a joy to listen to–he offered such an in-depth explanation of MAC’s top four trends and showed us the many ways to wear each trend, which is super important as we really don’t want to look the same. I also love the fact that MAC always comes up with such great names for their trends. They always sound so fashion-forward and chic! For instance, this S/S 2014 trends are named: DAY GLOW, CC THRU COLOUR, LIGHT F/X and THE NEW EYE DEAL–don’t they sound fab? I know, right? Haha anyway, here’s a brief run-down of the four trends.

20140117_164701DAY GLOW.

Blusher is back, in a big way. Shades of peach and pink make its way to the apples of our cheeks to create a happy, healthy glow. I definitely love how easy this is–you really don’t have to try too hard to look this good.

“Whatever you do this season, the complexion has to be summery, gorgeous and glowing,” says Tom Pecheux of this inclination for spa-like minimal skin. “A dewy finish is simply more feminine than a matte one,” agrees Terry Barber. “We are using highlights and emollient textures to emulate the way the light falls on fresh, young skin.” What feels new about this resurgence of blush is that it is cool, not cute. As if a makeup artist had never been present, but a moment of exertion had, the flush of the season is “organically beautiful…its a nonchalant, fresh, not-much-makeup look that emulates the look of shadows cast on the face by sunlight,” says Lucia Pieroni. (Press release)

20140117_164512CC THRU COLOUR.

This is where we get to play with color. Now we can experiment with both ends of the spectrum–from pretty pastel shades like lilac, baby pink and sea foam to bright tones of fuchsia, red and orange.

The relevant way to wear color now is to tune in to the intrinsic effect that cold and warm shades have upon the complexion. In recognizing that skin is multi-tonal (lilac, peach, yellow, blue and green are all as apposite as the literal skin tone spectrum of beige and brown-based “flesh” shades), artists are redefining and widening the conversation of what a “natural” makeup can be, and pushing the boundary on colors that are strong, yet have an innate affinity with the skin’s tone. (Press release)

20140117_164547LIGHT F/X.

It is all about whites and lights this season, as light-reflecting makeup and white eyeshadow/liners become a huge trend to watch.

Accenting what Val Garland calls “super skin,” flashes of white, gold, silver, glitter, shimmer and frosting abound, adding an unreferenced, avant-garde mood to the makeup. “White is teh key color for me this season, it brings such freshness and brings out the features on a slightly deeper skin; it is beautiful and pure,” enthuses Tom Pecheux. “I have used white in essentially every show.” (Press release)

20140117_164557THE NEW EYE-DEAL.

Defined eyes are so in season–this includes a modern smoky eye and lots of black eyeliner. And as it doesn’t reference to any era, there isn’t a right or wrong way of applying the eye makeup so we have the freedom to experiment.

Liner, lashes and kohl aren’t, of course, anything new… but thats the point. Artists are reconsidering these accents in a manner that doesn’t feel indebted to the past. “Certain details are timeless and beyond trend–it is the canvas of the skin, their execution and the mood elsewhere on the face that makes them modern,” clarifies Terry Barber. (Press release)


Read more about MAC S/S 2014 Trends in LOOK magazine’s Feb-March 2014 issue, out now. 

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