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A recent visit to THE FACE SHOP opened my eyes to the many cool products they carry in their store. Seriously, I was surprised–there are so many great things to buy. You can almost compare it to a grocery, filled with all these essential beauty products–from facial care to hair treatments, body washes and creams, makeup and nail polish–all in the cutest packaging, too! Now, my bathroom counter is pretty well-stocked with products (perks of being a beauty editor) but have to say, I was still able to find things I don’t have and really need. My entire shopping experience was filled with great discoveries! Thankfully their patient sales clerks were perpetually by my side explaining what each product does and demonstrating how to use them. Of course, I loved learning about them–they are so different from the ones I am accustomed to because they are so unique and specific–some even require mini-tutorials, which are super fun!

And in terms of quality and innovation, these products are at par with all the known international beauty brands! Personally, I love their soaps–they smell amazing and I love washing my hands with them, and their facial masks–well, I use these whenever I write just so my skin can get the extra benefits it needs while I’m in front of the computer haha. I also love their hand creams–this is something I especially need because I constantly wash my hands and I always need to apply this so my skin won’t dry out. And I love their sunscreen with SPF 50, since I’m all about protecting my skin now (if you didn’t know, the sun’s harmful UV rays can age your skin significantly, so we mustn’t forget about this essential step). And lastly, I LOVE their makeup! They just carry the coolest things–like a waterproof lip stain that draws like a marker, a brow gel that fills in sparse areas but looks super natural, and SO MANY options for foundation, blushers, and eyeliner! They pretty much have anything and everything to make you look and feel great!

Scroll down to see what I bought at THE FACE SHOP Shangri-la Mall.

IMG_5386  IMG_54715IMG_5396  1       IMG_5390  6IMG_54194IMG_54673IMG_54622IMG_5481 IMG_5483IMG_5484

Thanks again to THE FACE SHOP! Also big thanks to GET SPOTTED for this pretty blue maxi dress–follow them on Instagram: @getspottedshop

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Exactly! 😀 So many great finds in that store.

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