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I’ve always loved watching movies. There’s something about getting lost in a great storyline that just gets me every time. A good movie speaks to you and changes you forever! Seriously, I get so affected by movies that I usually laugh and cry like a crazy person, especially when I can relate to the characters/story. This is the reason why I don’t watch scary movies, because my life turns upside down and everything seems scary! And just the same my life feels like a beautiful romantic comedy after watching a good rom-com.

I remember one summer when I was around 13-14, I was looking for a high school (I studied in JASMS Manila which was only until elementary) and ended up choosing between Assumption and San Agustin. There was no word yet from San Agustin, and Assumption had required me to take summer math classes for me to be able to catch up with their curriculum come first year high school (obviously, math was not my strongest suit). And so I took the summer classes, which was quite horrible because IT WAS SUMMER, but then again I was thinking of going to Assumption so I had to do it. And so my dad drove me to and from my summer classes and saw how miserable I was and so he began taking me to the movies. We would go to Greenbelt 1 after my class and we would watch a movie, any movie that was showing!  I loved this time with him, not only because I really like spending time with my dad but because I love watching movies! Wednesdays were always exciting, because that meant a new line up of movies would be coming in. I would really hold my breath before looking at the movie schedules in the newspaper, as I prayed for a good batch of movies. We watched every movie that was shown in a week and in a way it felt like my reward for taking summer math classes. And so I looked forward to these movie dates with my dad and I ended up loving the whole cinema experience–buying a ticket, getting a bucket of popcorn and a drink, melting into my folding chair, and just getting lost in a wonderful story. I even love watching trailers, and to this day I look forward to watching them. And so the movies made me forget about my math woes for 2-3 hours and the world was okay again haha. Funny, after all that time spent taking math/algebra classes, I found out I had been accepted to San Agustin and didn’t need to take any extra classes there. So I ended up going there for high school. That summer wasn’t a complete waste though–the math lessons came in handy in my first year class and because of summer math class I discovered my love for movies.


And since that time, I would always, always look forward to watching movies and would drag my best friends and boyfriend/s with me because obviously, its no fun watching movies alone. It has become a habit, and these days my husband is my constant movie partner. We watch movies whenever we can, and its something we both love–every week we really find time to go out and watch a movie. And lately, we’ve been watching FOR FREE, which is a huge deal! My BDO Rewards card has this cool promo that allows you to convert your Rewards points into cinema tickets. You can get movie tickets from pretty much any cinema–SM Cinema, IMAX Theater, Robinson’s MovieWorld and other cinemas like Newport Cinema, Ayala Cinema as well as Gateway–just by exchanging your reward points. Isn’t that cool? Well, for us (wannabee) movie buffs, this is just such a great offer, because you can get two movie tickets delivered right to your doorstep without any hassles. I kind of feel like this promo was created for me, which is why I wanted to share it with you movie lovers out there (I know I am not alone in this).

To convert your BDO Reward points to movie tickets call BDO’s Call Center at 702-7888 or 10-7027888 (Toll Free) or inquire at any BDO branch. It’s super easy!

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