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In case you didn’t know, I have a new show, and its called TRENDING NOW! I announced it on Instagram/Twitter/FB a couple of weeks back (we’re on our third episode this week) and because I was crazy busy traveling and filming this show I haven’t been able to blog about it, or blog at all! I am hoping to find more time to blog with all the travelling I’m doing. I guess its a matter of getting used to my new schedule–at least that’s what I keep telling myself. (Haha I need to harness the power of positive thinking!!!)

Anyway, for our first episode we went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was a very fun trip because it was action-packed! Our four day schedule was filled to the brim (just the way I like it haha)! We went everywhere–we visited the city’s amazing landmarks and tourist attractions like Bukit Bintang, Little India, Petronas Twin Towers, Genting Highlands (Resorts World Genting), and Sunway Lagoon, met with up-and-coming designer Rico Rinaldi, and the best part: I got to fly a plane!!! Exciting stuff!

If you missed the first two episodes of Trending Now, well, here’s the next best thing: photos from the trip! Check these out.

IMG_7414Here I am at busy shopping district Bukit Bintang. Of course, since I had to do my spiels we had to wait until after mall hours to shoot.

IMG_7410Behind me is the famous Petronas Twin Towers. They really are lovely to look at, especially at night.

IMG_6766A closer look at Petronas Twin Towers.

IMG_2242Another interesting place we went to: a strawberry farm at Genting Highlands. I loooooove strawberries, so this was such a treat for me. Here I am enjoying a strawberry shake.

IMG_2368I am no Transformers fan, but this was pretty cool. I went to the Transformers Expo and got to ride ‘Bumblebee’!

IMG_2363Haha–how excited am I here?

IMG_2413Meet the Trending Now team! They’re the real stars of the show!

IMG_2421The team in Ice World (still in Genting Highlands). The temperature here was below zero, not fun for me–I hate the cold!

IMG_6756With my assistant, Ralph. He is my source of energy when I am tired haha. Love him!

IMG_6757We were at Jalan Alor about to have dinner. The street food is really fantastic here!


Talented designer Rico Rinaldi and I. I am so lucky I got to wear his creations (scroll down to see them).

IMG_7364  IMG_2541     IMG_2543IMG_2534 IMG_2557 IMG_2563IMG_2552 IMG_2567Haha obviously I had a blast trying on these beautiful dresses!   

IMG_2695Here I am at Sunway Lagoon doing my spiels.


My dress is from GUESS Jeans and shoes from Charles & Keith.

IMG_2739It was a long, hot day. I took a break and tried this iced tea from a nearby Persian restaurant. It was so lemon-y!


Overlooking Sunway Lagoon.     IMG_6874AND (this was so unforgettable) I got to fly a plane!!! I became a pilot for a day thru Sky Tours. This was SO EXCITING! IMG_6880Inside the plane.


My amazing view of Kuala Lumpur!


Watch TRENDING NOW, every Sunday at 9pm with replays on Saturday at 1130am on ANC.

  1. Jemica Sarol Reply

    I am not a fan of Transformers too, Kelly. Haha. That photo of “Bumblebee”… Hmmm, it looks so awesome!!! I like all your photos here, especially the two at Sunway Lagoon. 🙂 You look very pretty.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hehehe. Thanks Jemica! 🙂 It was definitely a fun trip!

  2. GeorginaSasha Reply

    Congrats Kelly!!! So proud of you! Hope I can watch an episode here in Vegas haha.

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