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I’ve found the ultimate travel bag! HERVE CHAPELIER, a brand I have recently come to love, carries the best beach/travel/all-around bags (really, I’ve tried-and-tested it). Its my constant companion during my travels, and so far its endured all kinds of weather conditions–from extreme heat to rain and super cold weather. Its made of sturdy nylon and comes in bright pops of color (this is sooooo helpful when you need to spot your bag in an airport), and its so roomy, you can stuff everything you need inside the bag.

The brand is a cult favorite in Paris (where its from) and in Japan because of its clean, boxy design and its wide range of bright colors. The “duffle bag”  that I love is designed from safety belts (these are the ones made from nylon) which makes them super sturdy. These bags are made to last! What I also love is their GP line, or their high-end Pebble Grain collection–these are made from beautiful pebbled leather, and they also come in the Herve Chapelier signature boxy design.

Check out photos I took at their store in SM Aura. These bags are sooooo worth the money!

IMG_8891 IMG_8897 IMG_8893

(Press release) Ever since the origin of his enterprise (1976),  Herve CHAPELIER, pioneer in the use of materials that are sturdy, colored and supple, has offered made-for-travel bags, in orange, purple, fuchsia, red, pink and yellow tones, equipped with flat, braided handles, valuing fabrics that once upon a time were designed for safety belts used in the automotive industry.

Thus was born the success of the “duffle bag.”

Retaining the same materials, Herve CHAPELIER launched his backpack line, which is immediately applauded and adopted by high school and college students.

Items that mark an epoch and launch a new fashion.

Simplicity and originality were, yet again, the order of the day, with the famous bi-color “cabas” (traditional French market) bag, the great classic of the Brand.  A bag that has been sold in millions throughout the world, and whose success was never belied.

In the last few years Herve CHAPELIER launched his upscale GP Line.  This high-end “Pebble Grain” collection, with its geometric build and its subtle harmony of colors, is enjoyed by customers for its coated canvas throughout the global marketplace. 

Attentive and demanding on quality, Herve CHAPELIER continues to this day to manufacture his products in France.

In Paris, Tokyo and Kyoto, we can discover the elegance of the Herve CHAPELIER boutiques.

His products are also available in the major cities:   New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Rome, Geneva or Venice, etc.



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