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I think watches are great investment pieces. They’re essential, because you wear them everyday and they last a very long time if you take good care of them. Of course, I am far from being an avid watch collector. My collection is more stylish than timeless, and they are definitely far from being family heirlooms. I do however, appreciate watches that are both stylish and well-made, and okay, it does help when they’re not overtly expensive (after all, we still have bills to pay at the end of the day).

One such watch is MARC COBLEN, which I have to admit is a fairly new brand, but it has all the makings of a great stylish timepiece. Named after the Cobelen family that introduced TW Steel watches to the world, Marc Coblen watches are just as precise and beautifully crafted. Designed by horlogerist Jordy Cobelen, Marc Coblen watches are meant to show your personal style as it allows combinations of colors, textures and materials from its array of base watch models, watch straps and bezels. This gives you the freedom to personalise your own stylish timepiece through a simple Select-and-Change process.

STEP ONE: Select form the 30 base models available in 3 sizes: 42mm, 45mm, 50mm with chronograph in 3-hand movements encased in classic steel, trendy rose gold plating and hard-wearing black coating.

STEP TWO: Choose a watch strap from its array of colors, textures and materials. The selection of leather in different textures (they have a pretty crocodile print, for example), and comfortable silicone rubber materials that come in 10 styles. The straps can be interchanged effortlessly through the timepiece’s slide-and-click system.

STEP THREE: Replace the watch’s bezel. With a simple twist, the bezel comes off and can easily be replaced with another, from the selection of 10 different colors, some of which are embellished with Swarovski crystals and made from hard-wearing hammered and ceramic bezels in elegant black and white colors.

Now, how did I get to know all this? Well, the awesome people at Marc Coblen invited me and a couple other bloggers to try out this incredible Select-and-Change process. We tried it out for ourselves and saw just how easy it is to style your Marc Coblen watch to suit any personality or occasion. Check out these photos from the event.

IMG_0820Marc Coblen watches on display. I love how each one looks so different but are essentially the same watch.

IMG_0818These oversized, white-face Marc Coblens are just so pretty.

img_0825At the event were bloggers Lissa Kahayon and Nicole Andersson. And how funny, our outfit are color-coordinated!

IMG_0843Here come the exciting part: picking out our Marc Coblen watches.

IMG_0839 These black-face ones are so pretty, especially with its rose gold encasing.

IMG_0828This white-one is also a keeper. It looks so clean and classic.

IMG_0842 The classic steel encasing would better suit a guy, I think. Haha obviously I am partial to rose gold!

IMG_0849The many watch straps to choose from. They have a strap in every color that also matches the color of your casing.

IMG_0850More straps, in this pretty croc print.

IMG_0853For more casual occasions, there are these silicone straps as well.

IMG_0862And for the bezel, there are these Swarovski-embellished ones for the 42mm watch.

IMG_0860And for the 45 and 50mm, there are these colourful ones.

IMG_0880This is the one I chose–a black face 42mm chronograph in rose gold encasing. For my strap I got this dark green leather crocodile print.

img_0888Showing off my new Marc Coblen watch–this really suits my personality.

IMG_0872And for dressy occasions, I chose this Swarovski-embellished bezel, also in rose gold.

img_0846Modeling our Marc Coblen watches.

img_0848  The lady bloggers: Angela Nepomuceno, Lissa Kahayon, Nicole Andersson and myself.

            img_0900We love our Marc Coblen watches: Angela, Verniece, David, Lissa, Nicole and me.


Marc Coblen watches are brought to the Philippines by Swiss Prestige Inc. and are available at SM Southmall, Century City Mall, and selected Chronos, Swissgear and Wristpod stores. 

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