My dream office

I really want to start decorating my office, but I can’t seem to find the time! Also there are budget restrictions at the moment, as we are still paying for most of our appliances, among other things (thank God for 0% instalment plans). And so I have to put this on the shelf for a couple more months, just until we finish paying off the essentials. Oh well, maybe if I wish hard enough it may happen sooner! Its all about positive thinking and visualisation hehehe! So let me share with you my dream office! I know there isn’t just one office in this post– there are certain elements I like in each office that I want to incorporate into my own some day. But they are all similar, I think! You get the idea, haha. Oh, I would love it if you can share your dream office, or if you already have your dream office (lucky girl) I would love to see it! 🙂 Send me a photo or tag me.

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Pink-shabby-chic-decor DecoristaforGG-4 stunning-and-cute-home-office-design-ideas-with-simple-table-bases-and-glass-tops-overlooking-with-light-red-book-storage-wall-unit contemporaryOfficeDesk contemporary-scandinavian-home-office-and-studio-interior-design simple-white-home-office-designing-ideas-with-floating-shelves-and-full-of-picture-frames-above-small-wood-table-and-minimalist-chair contemporary- chic-home-office-for-a-girl

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