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These days, women aren’t the only ones with clear, smooth wrinkle-free skin. Men can also have skin that looks just as good, as they now have their own skincare range by the one and only POND’s! Yes, Pond’s Men has officially been launched and boy, is it an exciting time for the brand. More than ever, men need that extra boost of confidence that fresh, energized skin can give and you’ll be amazed because Pond’s Men Energy Charge does exactly that! Pond’s Men is the first men’s skin product in the Philippines infused with the power of coffee bean extracts, which makes it perfect for men who are active and on the go. The line includes Pond’s Men Energy Charge Face Wash and Face Moisturizer, as well as Pond’s Men Acne Clear Oil Control Face Wash. In case you didn’t know, coffee has been proven to revitalize skin and diminish puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The use of coffee or caffeine is a growing trend in the beauty industry, and more and more people have begun to see the efficacy of the ingredient on their skin. Pond’s has been quick to act on this (of course, they only want the best for us) and has produced this amazing skincare line for men! (Finally) our men don’t have to steal our facial washes and moisturizers anymore as they now have their own range of skincare products at their disposal.

The launch happened a few weeks ago, and revealed the new faces of men’s skincare: A-list celebrity Xian Lim, along with other Pond’s Men lifestyle ambassadors–acclaimed director and producer Paul Soriano, Azkals player Anton del Rosario, music icon Rico Blanco, and real estate mogul Victor Consunji. These go-getters talked about the importance of looking good and feeling confident through proper skin care made specifically for men and they also shared how the new Pond’s Men products help men remain energized and fresh throughout the day, brightening tired-looking and haggard skin.

Among those who attended the launch were top male models Fabio Ide and Daniel Matsunaga and football hunks James and Phil Younghusband together with some of their Azkal teammates like Aly Borromeo. Also present were popular Radio hosts Gino Quillamor and Chico Garcia. A couple of dapper men and gorgeous women who were seen in the event include Pond’s ambassadors Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, Laureen Uy and Nicole Andersson as well as Maggie Wilson-Consunji, box office actress Toni Gonzaga, Janna Tee and Brent Javier – everyone was seen dancing the night away. Also showing their support for the event was Unilever Philippines Marketing Director for Skin, Mian David along with Unilever Philippines Vice President for Personal Care Gina Lorenzana. Check out these photos from the event!

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  1. joann Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly, i browsed the pictures again and again but can’t seem to find you in them 🙁 i always want to see you in your posts ‘coz you’re so pretty and inspiring. happy day to you! mwah!

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Aww! Thanks Joann! I wasn’t able to go to the event that’s why I’m not in the photos. But of course, I’m in full support of Pond’s and I want spread the word about Pond’s Men. 🙂

      1. joann Reply

        ah ok… anyways, i’m super excited to see your post on suitesummer shopping chalenge done last saturday. keep on blogging, you are such an inspiration. 🙂

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