Magical Matuod


This has become our little playground for a good number of years now. I always have so much fun when we’re here–apart from being around good company, the beach is pretty amazing. Its our getaway from our busy schedules where we can relax, unwind and totally be ourselves without anyone judging us. This means I can relax when packing because I can wear anything, for as long as its comfortable. And I can totally binge on burgers and steak and down ice cold beer without a thought. Yup, we all need this every once in awhile! Its been extra fun too since we started bringing Lily (our sharpei-mix dog). She’s gotten used to the group and gets soooooo excited as soon as we get to the road leading up to the beach house. She barks like crazy and runs like the wind when we let her out. Lily is definitely a beach dog!

Hope you’re all having a happy Sunday! Lets make this one count. 🙂

P.S. My swimsuits are from ANEMONE (available at at Nothing But H2O)–they are super comfortable, I love wearing these to the beach!

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