I love my TKEES (pronounced: t-keys)! This brand of leather sandals is just so pretty, no, let me rephrase that–it makes your feet look pretty! Its simple design acts like “cosmetics for your feet” as it enhances feet with its myriad color collections. Divided into color categories: Foundation, Creams, Liners, Glosses and more, TKEES is the go-to sandal for easy, fresh and sophisticated everyday dressing. And it seems that Hollywood celebrities agree. The likes of Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston have been seen wearing their TKEES–a lot! So yeah, you can say I feel like a Hollywood celeb when I’m out rocking my pair hahaha. But seriously, they are soooo comfortable, they feel like you’re walking on air.

TKEES Angelina Jolie TKEES Blake Lively Tkees French Tips TKEES Hayden Panettiere TKEES Jennifer Aniston TKEES Jessica Alba

TKEES are available at for only P2,499! 


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