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I rarely do diets. It’s just too difficult! I can never seem to last with eating just one type of food (for example, just veggies and fruits) or knowing that I can’t eat certain food like rice, bread or sweets. I’d rather do portions rather than a strict diet full of no-nos. At least you still get to eat a little of the things you like everyday–way better than starvation! Plus, what usually happens when you tell me NO, is that I end up taking it as a challenge haha. Yeah, so reverse psychology totally works on me!

So recently I took on this diet, but it didn’t really feel like a crazy diet. Its works by calorie counting, and all the work (the cooking and the counting) is done by Healthy Eats by BITE Contemporary Cuisine. The food is delivered to your house early in the morning (I’ve put out a makeshift mailbox for our gate, just so I wouldn’t have to wake up so early in the morning) and it consists of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. I chose a 1200 calorie a day diet, which I think is pretty manageable–I’m not hungry but I can still shed the extra pounds. The results are pretty amazing–at least for me. I was able to lose inches (I don’t believe in weighing myself) and it showed when I wore my clothes. I was able to confidently wear my bikinis/one-piece swimsuits at the beach, too, which was really a big plus! I mean, you don’t think about these things until you’re actually at the beach and yes, I guess I kind of thanked Healthy Eats for allowing me to eat healthy everyday. Most importantly, the food is good! Its not just carrot sticks in there, but really yummy food that can fill you up throughout the day.

Another great thing about it is you can request what food to put in there. I wanted more fruits and veggies and thats what they gave me. You can also request for carbs like rice and bread, if you can’t live without it. Their nutritionist will make sure you get a healthy balanced diet, so all you have to worry about is eating the meals! I usually carry mine in a cooler, and try my best to heat the meals when I’m out in restaurants or am at meetings. Only one restaurant turned me away so far (I really don’t want to talk about this dreadful restaurant haha) but the rest were super nice and allowed me to heat and eat my meals in their restaurants. Let me clarify though that I was with people who ate at these restaurants. I wasn’t a free-loader who went to a restaurant and asked them to heat my food hahaha. So yes, this diet is totally do-able, and I recommend it.

Big thank you to Chef Jam Melchor of Bite Contemporary Cuisine for providing my meals for three whole weeks! Their restaurant is located at 7427 Yakat Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City. Telefax 478-2659. Mobile 0917 830 9516. Call/text them to inquire and set up your meals!

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    1. kellymisa Reply

      In a week’s time I already looked and felt lighter. I really stuck to it though–I didn’t cheat. 🙂

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