Pormada summer

I wanted to share with you a shoot I styled for Pormada (assisted by Anj Asuncion). Our photographer that day was Miguel Miranda (his photos are on the site: www.pormada.com and on our Instagram page: @pormada), but since I wanted to try out my new camera, I sneaked in some shots of my own. These photos were taken with my camera, by ME! Hope you like them–this is my first attempt as a photographer haha. Most of the items here are available on the site, so if you like something you can go ahead and buy it on Pormada. Enjoy!

 IMG_7557On him: Top, VANS M Beeston Micro Tank, P1,498; shorts, Franks Crimson, P3,825.

IMG_7562On her: dress, Bohemia Secret Garden Dress in Ivory, P2,135; sandals, TKEES Lip Gloss Poppy, P2,499.

IMG_7564The real photographer that day: Miguel.


IMG_7610On her: bikini top, Anemone Asilah Buckled Bandeau, P1,595; bikini bottom, Anemone Asilah Bucked Hipster, P1,495; coverup, Brown Belly Fringe Bed Jacket Sunshine, P1,180, sandals, TKEES Foundations Coco Butter, P2,499.   

IMG_7622This bikini is so cute.

IMG_7638On girl from leftt: top, Bohemia Basic Tie Dye, P935. On him: shorts, Franks Palm Pink, P3,825.

IMG_7662On her: one piece swimsuit, Neon Island Lav Birds, P1,500.   

IMG_7676On her: watch, Komono Magnus Black Cognac, P5,250.

IMG_7683On him: top, VANS Balboa Tank, P1,398; shorts, Franks Orange, P3,825; watch, Komono Winston Gold Wood, P4,790.

IMG_7686On her: top, Bohemia Aztec Printed Lace, P1,870; watch, Komono Magnus Silver Black, P5,250; sunglasses, BWOOD Gidget Birchwood, P6,000, sandals, TKEES Pop Colors Air Flare, P2,499.

IMG_7700These shades! I got a pair as soon as I saw them.


IMG_7756On him: sunglasses, Panda Nelson Natural, P6,000; board shorts, Franks Pineapples, P3,825.

IMG_7766On him: sunglasses, Panda Martin Black, P6,000; board shorts, VANS Off the Wall Red & Blue, P2,298.

IMG_7801Polarized sunglasses, BWOOD Palm Bamboo, P6,600 each. (This photo, and the next two were shot by Cera Santos.)

IMG_7802Sunglasses, BWOOD Mavericks, P7,500 each.

IMG_7866Swimsuit, Neon Island Black Orchids One Piece, P1,500.

IMG_7897On her: Top, Bohemia Perfect Weekend Woven Top, P2,570.

IMG_7912This is such a pretty top!

IMG_7928On her: sweater, Neon Island Black Tropical Knit, P1,300; sunglasses, BWOOD Palm Bamboo, P6,600.

  IMG_7962On her: bikini top, Anemone Antalya Buckled Halter Top Stripes, P1,495; bikini bottom, Anemone Antalya Buckled Hipster, P1,495, sunglasses, BWOOD Palm Zebra Wood, P7,000.

IMG_7981On both girls: top, Zobha Cutout Banded V-Neck Bra, P3,450. From left: shorts, Zobha Woven Running Short, P2,850; shorts, Zobha Woven Running Short Coral Pipe, P2,850.    


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