X-mini ME speakers


These are the smallest speakers I’ve ever seen/used/owned. The X-mini ME speaker is as small as your thumb, which is pretty remarkable–it’s the first speaker of this size to be available in the market. This is awesome because I’ve had my speakers for years and they were hardly portable. It was bulky and heavy, and included a huge adaptor plug and long wires that always got tangled up. They were such a pain to bring around, but I lugged them around whenever I would travel anyway. You see, I am one of those people who needs something familiar in order to feel at home in a new place. And for me, that familiar thing is music. It relaxes me, and makes a brand new place feel like an extension of my home. I would use my earphones and listen from my phone, but I really prefer speakers. I mean, you can’t use your earphones when you’re in the shower or when you’re changing clothes. I need speakers to be able to play my favorite songs and make me forget I am all alone in an unfamiliar room, in a foreign place (work sometimes requires me to travel, which I love, but I am usually alone on these trips). Of course, there were times when I got lucky and found built-in speakers in my room, but that didn’t happen very often so I made sure to bring my speakers to all my travels.

That’s all in the past now. I have the X-mini ME now, and life is good. Its size is such a win for me! It can easily attach to your keychain and mobile phone so you don’t actually have to pack it in your luggage. You can carry it with you anywhere, and it is so lightweight that you’ll forget you have it in your bag until you have to use it. Oh and don’t let its cute-ness fool you. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill toy/accessory/keychain. These speakers are pretty loud and can hold its own to virtually any music. It doesn’t have a small, tin-like sound, like other teeny-tiny speakers. Its bass is decent and sound quality is quite clear. I tried blasting the volume and it didn’t sound terrible, nor did it break. It delivered sound well, in my opinion, and is perfect for hotel rooms and empty beaches. Of course, don’t expect it be concerto-quality, because it isn’t. It’s a good speaker for its size though, and its size and portability cannot be matched. I have to commend them for their design as well–these are total conversation-starters!

I chose mine in hot pink and bright yellow, just so I don’t lose them or leave them behind. Small things tend to get left behind, especially when they blend in with their environment (anything black disappears in my purse). But thats just a personal choice–these also come in aqua blue and black, which are also great colors. It offers an impressive playback time of 6 hours using Micro-USB charging, and it is compatible with all your devices (Smartphones, tablets, laptops and portable game players). It’s SRP is only P999, which makes this such a good buy! 🙂

IMG_5235IMG_5239 IMG_5241





X-mini ME is giving away a super cool portable speaker (in black) to one of my lucky readers!

All you have to do to join this giveaway is:

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(2) FOLLOW X-mini ME on Instagram and Twitter: @xminiphils

(3) Share on the comments section of this blog post why you need a X-mini ME in your life. The best answer wins! 🙂

Winners will be announced on August 5, 2014 (Tuesday) at 12noon, so all entries must be in before then.




X-mini-ME-held-in-girls-hands-(2)-REV X-mini-ME-hanging-on-Bag-(2)-REVX-mini-ME-hanging-on-denim-REV
X-mini ME speakers are available at xmini.theshop.ph as well as at the following resellers: 

Abenson // Ambassador // Beeper City // Brochiere // Case-Mate Kiosk, Cyberzone, SM North Edsa // Cellpower // Dataview // Electroworld // iRecommend // iTech // Odyssey // Power Mac Center // Silienation // Techytrends // 8telcom Davao City

  1. maefromheaven Reply

    Since I have a laptop and its charger, a tablet and its charger, and 2 mobile phones and their chargers that I need to bring to work from Monday to Saturday, X-mini ME will be an angel to me. There are so many portable speakers to choose from but this will be special because of its thumb size that is easy to use and bring here and there. Hope to have you!!!

  2. Roothana Reply

    Hello this is the first time I’ve seen this tiniest speaker here. I need this in my life because this will be a fun and valuable addition to everything I carry around while hiking. Being a hiker means carrying A LOT of necessary things and sometimes these stuff get seriously heavy. I had to be picky with what extra things I had to bring along and this light speaker would be a no brainer answer If I ever have one. I could already imagine the happiness it would give to the camp. Music has always been my choice for bonding and sharing.

    I have liked and followed the accounts of x mini philippines :). Cheers 😀

  3. Justirini Reply

    I am a music person that’s why I need an X-mini ME in my life! 🙂 I hate dull moments and deafening silence, hence, it would be very convenient if I have this X-mini ME so I could share music better to be able to spread good vibes. Hope I could really get one! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Bl4cksh1rt Reply

    It’s just simple as “on the go” speakers… You can have your quality music whenever… Whereever. Kudos for x-mini!

  5. Bl4cksh1rt Reply


  6. PhyllisabelleBethany Reply

    I’m a lawstudent and i love music, who doesn’t right. and another thing, listening to music helps me study. i’m never home because of the hectic demands of school. did i mention, i study best with good study-music? well, it’ll be nice to carry a portable speaker like this one around, so that i can study and enjoy my music wherever i am. 🙂

  7. Eric Gannaban Reply

    I’ve been dreaming for this Xmini speakers for months now it’s perfect for my soundtrip sessions with barkadas, perfect for me when I want to be alone and listen to my favorite EDM tracks the whole day and this is the perfect graduation gift for me who just graduated last march 26, 2014 I know it’s too late but I don’t even receive a single graduation gift so this is a perfect for me. And it will help me also when studying cases and notes in law school when Im going to enroll this October.

  8. queenbatshebah Reply

    Music simply reveals the kaleidoscope of humanity. It portrays a lot about culture be it in tradition, customs and religious beliefs. Music has always been part of every man’s lifestyle. Music has always been man’s refuge where he can always crawl in between those notes. Music is to the soul what words are to the mind. I should win the speakers because music gives life to everything.

  9. xριστινα (@chrispiebacon_) Reply

    I need a x-mini in my life because I simply love to play music on speakers whenever and wherever- in the bathroom, in the car, in my room, at the balcony, in school, random corners. I’m not kidding or simply trying to kiss ass but it is actually part of my life. I’ve been using a really old x-mini until just recently when it finally broke down. It’s a really old one, me and my siblings just share (or sometimes fight over) it (and I have 6 siblings) so it’s been really worn down. I think I was the last one who used it before it broke down so it feels like it’s my fault it’s gone now, and it was my brother’s and not mine. While I was reading your post, my brother incidentally linked me this giveaway too. Maybe he was hinting I should win this to replace the old one haha. I’ve been using an empty cup as a replacement for speakers for now, I want x-mini back in my life! ;A;

    1. Kelly Misa-Fernandez Reply

      I know I was only supposed to give away one X-Mini ME speaker, but I can super relate to your story. I grew up in a family of 4 and I had to share everything with my sister and brothers. I’m giving away my yellow speaker to you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Email me your information (full name, address, contact no) to kellymisa@yahoo.com so I can send the mini speaker to you right away! Congrats! 😀

  10. Lucy Reply

    I need this x-mini Me speaker in my life simply because i’m a music lover. I’m a frustrated singer and i believe that with
    this speaker i will never go out of tune while listening and singing to my favorite songs. 😉

  11. d4ryl3 Reply

    I’m a heaphones guy. But you are right, there are times when a speaker is your only option. I’ve always wanted to try X-mini’s speakers and this could start it off for me. Thank you.

  12. d4ryl3 Reply

    I’m a heaphones guy. But you are right, there are times when a speaker is your only option. I’ve always wanted to try X-mini’s speakers and this could start it off for me. Thank you.

  13. Andrea Reply

    Hi Kelly!
    This is great and timely for me. I have been scouring for a mini speaker but I couldn’t find anything that suits my needs. They seem to be not “so-mini” for me. Now this one here is great and exactly what I want! Like you, my work requires me to travel a lot. Though I have with me my earphones, which is great if I’m on the bus. But whenever I am in a hotel or most of the time a traveler’s inn, I prefer to use a speaker than the earphones. And since this can be a keychain, this would be an added bonus. I tend to forget things especially now that I’m experiencing my lupus fog (it’s kind of frustating); I just recently forgot my TIN id on the bank, luckily the bank officer kept it until I came back (which is at the end of the day, already!). So, yes! This would be a perfect partner for me, my work, my travel adventures, and my hobby (listening to music while blogging, reading blogs and practicing handlettering) 🙂

    I’m crossing my fingers for this. 🙂

  14. Iris Relles (@irismaerelles) Reply

    True to their promise of sound beyond size, @xminiphils speakers prove that good things come in small packages. That BIG ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER. And that it is possible for a speaker to have a CHIC DESIGN, an IMPRESSIVE SOUND QUALITY, and an AMAZING PORTABILITY. Xminiphils speaker really is a total must-have for a music lover like me!

  15. evyandemafelix Reply

    Dear Kelly,

    i need this x mini me speaker in my life! my best friends and i love to listen to music and we love to travel too. 🙂 we love the music+travel combination so much that we have a different ‘theme song’ on a particular moment or a particular place in our lives. we used to listen to Bach way back in college whenever we have exams or when we were writing our thesis. we used to listen to alicia keys when we were dealing with a heart break, we love to listen to john mayer on steady friday nights, to drake on crazy road trips, and to eraserheads on random get together with the gang, and so on . 🙂 headsets are a no-no since we wont be able to communicate well while this speaker is a go-go since its small and handy we can bring it anywhere! 🙂

  16. Glaze Reply

    I need this x mini me speaker not for myself but as a gift to my husband. He is always on travel like you.He is currently using headset. I think this could be a perfect travelmate for him while away from home. Thank you.

  17. Aleli Manantan Reply

    Life is made easier by technology. From the traditional computers, now with our smart phones. These X-mini ME speakers creates a new innovation on Bulky speakers we used to have before.

    As a student, this X-mini ME speakers would be a great help for me. Because instead of bringing bulky speakers in school for our Dance Class, i can have this in lieu. Also, it can be used anywhere and everywhere with out being anxious of the “extensions” or the “sockets available”. This speaker is so portable and light weight. It wouldn’t add up to the weight of the books i bring at school. In addition, it will give me the benefit of listening to music when i am studying.

    Thanks! Xoxo~

  18. Jaimie Bautista Reply

    Beacuse we’re off to El Nido, Palawan (and I’m too much excited!) next week and we need this speaker to enjoy good music on the road and by the beach so we can dance and sing along while having fun and drinking beer! It’ll be my newest travel buddy! Please please let me have this tiniest awesomest speakers I’ve ever seen! 🙂

    fb: Jaimie Bautista
    twitter: @jserra__
    instagram: @jingserra

  19. JOVY GONZALES (@jovygonzales) Reply

    I need it because X-mini ME speakers is known to have a quality and good sound imagine a small speaker with a large sound i want to have one and i love all the color so feminine i can bring it along anywhere even in the bathroom i love to shower with music especially in the morning it gives me so much energy i can play my favorite song while still hear other noise i can get rid of my headset ill always got accident whenever i use it to hear my song especially when i commute my friend have one and ill always borrow it b’coz it sounds so good if i win ill share it with her too

  20. rozenda Reply

    Im a music lover music keeps me alive therefore u deserve to have the xmini speaker.and becuz of its thumb size i can carry it wherever i go hassle free isn’t.

  21. rozenda Reply

    Music is my companion especially when i feel alone. Im a very sentimental person but when i listen to my fave songs it gives me some comfort like dis super duper cute xmin speaker i know we will be the best of frends…

  22. glenniedelt Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly! I am a college student and I’m part of our dance group in school. With that being said, we are required to rehearse our routines whenever, and wherever possible. It’s a hassle to bring “portable” speakers because they are just not portable enough. This X-mini speaker is my best bet! It really is small and because it’s from X-mini, I know that it will deliver quality sound. I hope you’ll choose me because I really want to contribute to the success of our group. This will be a great help for us. On a personal note, I’ll be staying in a dorm, so I need small things because I only have limited space for my own things. This is so perfect for me! 🙂

  23. Dyan Danica Alfonso Reply

    Ever since I learned about X-mini speakers (my friend once lend me hers), I have been wanting to have one because it really is portable; you can bring it wherever you want without worrying for a space in your bag.

    This is just the perfect speakers for my daily dose of music.

    What’s more? It’s stylish!

  24. Ana Razon Reply

    Music is my life and I want this to keep life moving. Part of me involves music and music defines me. This tiny speaker can make my world rock wherever I go. It may be to the beach, in the car, in the kitchen and of course, comfort room. Yes, i would also bring this in the comfort room to listen to my favorite songs while taking a bath or whatsoever. Most importantly, I want xmini speakers to share my interest with others and together we’ll make life rocking!! m/

  25. Regine Cumla Reply

    I am an on the go music lover so if I get to win this ultra cute portable speaker, I will be able to share happiness with my music to more people anywhere, anytime through this stylish tool. Also, as a college student, I want to receive a treat or reward for all my hard work such as this mini speaker because I can’t afford to buy one and winning this give away contest will surely make me happy.

  26. Karl Joseph Ku (@iamsantelmo) Reply

    Using earphones/headphones and having music so close to your eardrums is quite unhealthy to your ears, especially during the unexpected loud outburst of sound. Exposing your ears to that kind of setup on a regular basis will result in hearing loss/damage one way or the other. So, using an X-mini Me or any external/portable speaker is a better way in enjoying your love for music for the rest of your life.

  27. Love trimanez Reply

    Ive been wanting to have xmini speaker way way back, but ill be needing to have one not for my own now but as a surprise gift for my husband upcoming birthday, he’s so into music and been wanting xmini even before then. Oh please let me win this 😍

  28. ghirlieee Reply

    I never had a speaker ever since in my whole life and since my sister’s birthday will be on the 4th of August, I think this will be the best birthday gift ever since she loves music. ♥♥

  29. gwen alvarez Reply

    i have been looking for the perfect speaker for me. i thinks its the perfect speaker for my travels and alone time. 🙂



  31. Joy Merced Reply

    Sometimes i just wanna jump in my car, leave all the worries behind and drive to somewhere where i can just drown in my own thoughts and forget about reality once in awhile. These handy little speakers dangling from my car keychain will be so convenient when i feel like listening to music while fighting all the stress away.

    Lovely Joy Merced

  32. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales Reply

    Why I wanted to win this is not for myself but for my niece.

    My niece have been asking me for a mini speaker for the longest time, she loves listening to music all the time, and I know that this will really fit her taste and style, so here I am hoping that I win this x-mini me speaker, so I can give it to her and fulfill her long time wish!

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  33. Jung Seul Tae (@PAMtastic21) Reply

    I need a X-Mini speaker in my life as I want to share the good vibes brought by my fave music to other people. Armed with my earphones and my phone, music has always been my companion everywhere I go. As I reach and explore new places, I want to leave a mark and cups of inspiration to these destinations and to their people with my music which will be enjoyed and heard by everyone through X-mini speaker!

  34. Ma. Clarice Lao Reply

    Hi Kelly!

    I need a X-Mini Speaker in my life because

    K – Knowing that my job as a Community Development Worker
    E – Engages me in travels out of town and in remote areas
    L – Lonely nights are a common scenario
    L – Lucky if there will be electricity but most of the time there is none.
    Y – Your source of entertainment is talking to your companions

    M – Most of the time,
    I – I resort to my mp3 player and headset
    S – Speakers were not practical to bring due to added baggage
    A – And knowing that we have this super duper portable speaker is like a gift from heaven.

    So, I am really hoping to win and have a new travel and work companion.

    1. Kelly Misa-Fernandez Reply

      CONGRATULATIONS Clarice! You won a black X-Mini ME Speaker!!! Hope this keeps you company during your travels–keep doing what you’re doing. You’re making the world a better place! 🙂 Email me your details (full name, address and contact number) at kellymisa@yahoo.com so I can ship it to you right away. CONGRATS! 😀

  35. Jara Mae Capistrano Reply

    want the X-Mini Me Thumb size speaker because I would love to experience and enjoy my music in a bigger and clearer sound.. I want it because wherever I go, I can bring it and would have a thimb size speaker big party!

  36. jeldirecto Reply

    Dearest Kelly,

    Telling you that I am a music person, will not make me win this. However, I’d like to tell you that music is not just a song or a favorite to me, it is my life. 🙂 Every second of the day, I play music if not through my earphones, my head plays a song in my head. I grew up with my dad teaching me all about music. We would jam every weekend and that was how we bonded.

    Every person has a designated song in my head. Music and songs are not just sounds–they are also people to me. 🙂

    As I live my every day, listening to music, I wish all these things I feel and have, I get to share as well. That all my jams and playlists of Birdy, Sara. Bareilles, Brooke Fraser and all else, will be heard by my friends too, at any moment, at any time and in every where.

    This is why I need to have an X-mini. Nothing else will match my teal tote bag than the aqua blue or at least the black X-mini. And as I browse blogs and read books online, no other speaker can serenade me with Dreamsounds more than the X-mini…

    Which I hope you can grant to me. 🙂

    Nonetheless, thank you for sharing these speakers, Kelly! 🙂


  37. Dobe (@dobermann100) Reply

    I’m an old guy, and owning an X Mini Me would make me feel young and cool again!!! ^_^

  38. Jaimie Bautista Reply

    Beacuse we’re off to El Nido, Palawan (and I’m too much excited!) THIS Friday and we need this speaker to enjoy good music on the road and by the beach so we can dance and sing along while having fun and drinking beer! It’ll be my newest travel buddy! Please please let me have this tiniest awesomest speakers I’ve ever seen! 🙂

    fb: Jaimie Bautista
    twitter: @jserra__
    instagram: @jingserra

  39. Em Quirante (@iamEMaziing) Reply

    Why I need a X-mini ME in my life is because I am a music lover who is lovin’ to listen in different kinds or genre of music. I always need a lullaby songs before I get to sleep and most of the time I just used headphone. I think this cute and awesome speaker will give me more reason to fell asleep. hahaha. And it will add a new reason to stay in my room.

    twitter & instagram: iamEMaziing

  40. Maria Christina Callado Reply

    Hi, Ms Kelly! I’m a tourism student, in our school we’re always having a trip to different places, and be familiarized to the place we’re going to. More or less our trips are always 1-5 hours before we reach our destination, and that would be boring without listening to music, right? Having this speaker, our trip wouldn’t be boring and stressed plus I can share it with my friends and classmates. Sing and bond together. I don’t know, music just simply makes me happy. Music makes our life easier. Cheers us up when we’re sad…

  41. caidiva Reply

    My kiddo loves listening to music from worship songs, Sinatra to Hi5, it would be more fun to sing and dance along with a speaker para mas feel! 😄

  42. caidiva Reply

    fb: cai entereso
    twitter: @caidiva
    instagram: @lipstickandchopsticks

    My kiddo loves listening to music from worship songs, Sinatra to Hi5. It would be more fun to sing and dance along with a speaker para mas feel! 😄

  43. James Jun Cubelo Reply

    First of all, i would like to thank you for this awesome giveaway.
    why should i win this x mini speaker?
    Simply because I AM A PARTY LOVER!! it’s just i cant live my life wiyhout music, because its already ruled me. AND I CANT STOP IT! if i have this, my life will became more awesome and fabulous. Specially it is a x mini speaker. I will treasure it like a diamond. I swear. Just let me win this beautiful and fabulous speaker. Thank you…

  44. cuteinspiration26 Reply

    I am a music junkie. My family and friends are all music lovers, and one thing you can’t erase from our system is our small and unplanned music parties in classrooms after school, jamming in our car when we’re going somewhere, and dancing alone in a room when I’m stressed or when I just feel like dancing. You just really can’t deny the fact that WE NEED the X-mini speaker, for our bonding moments, sometimes for stress, and last but not the least, for HAPPINESS. 🙂

  45. Kelly Misa-Fernandez Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS Ma. Clarice Lao and @chrispiebacon! You both won X-Mini ME speakers!!! Email me at kellymisa@yahoo.com your full name, address and contact numbers so I can send your prizes! 😀 Thank you to everyone who joined this contest!!! Ill be giving away more cool things so keep visiting my blog. <3

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