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When it comes to dressing up at night, I prefer loose, drape-y frocks to tight body-hugging dresses. I can’t stand the thought of wearing a dress that looks great but is so tight it constricts my breathing. Of course, this is all based on experience, and I’m sure you can all relate. We’ve all had to suffer through a tight or ill-fitting dress for an evening. It is super uncomfortable, and you’re lucky if you can even have a bite of your dinner. I once missed out on a delicious five-course dinner (I only had soup) because the dress I was wearing was too tight. I got a lot of compliments for that dress, but you know what, I couldn’t wait to go home. In the car I immediately removed the dress because I already felt like passing out. Terrible! Haha sorry guys, I guess today is share-your-horrible-dress-experience day.

Anyway, this dress is the opposite of that–it is extra comfortable but still looks chic and effortless. It is from online store Before Twelve (you may order from their Facebook account: or from Instagram: @beforetwelve). I paired it with a lace motorcycle jacket from GUESS (in case I felt cold), and accessorized with gold rings from H&M, a snakeskin clutch from Bali, Indonesia and these blush heels from Sala Chaussures (check them out on Facebook: I love the black ribbon detail in the back. It really adds a little something to the outfit.


  1. natziwang Reply

    I was about to say that I really loved the jacket, then you took it off and I saw the detailing of the dress and I love that too, and the shoes are just <3 Great outfit!

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