Overall, it looks good

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I dont remember the last time I wore overalls, it might have been when I was nine. Funny how a trend you have never thought of in decades suddenly makes a comeback, and before you know it it’s back in your closet and you’re kind of itching to wear it. I love how much of a throwback this is to my childhood (and everyone else’s). It’s cute, definitely, but a little tricky to style. I found out though that the best thing to pair with white eyelet overall shorts (GUESS) is a black cropped top (Mango) and for good measure, I threw in a faded denim drawstring bag (GUESS). For accessories, I decided to wear these gold vintage rings, gold-rimmed sunglasses (Sunnies by Charlie) and beige mandals (Mango). It can’t get any more ’90s than this! Happy Monday!

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