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I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Seoul, Korea. I was there to film Season 2 of my lifestyle/travel show Trending Now (I’ll be doing a travel blog post soon) and I just had SO MUCH FUN! The city was just bursting with energy and excitement. There was just so much to do, so much to see. I certainly tried to keep up, and if it weren’t for my amazing team who pretty much showed me where to go and what to do, I wouldn’t be able to see anything in a span of 2.5 days. I know, I know! Two and a half days isn’t enough to explore a city like Seoul. I don’t know how I was able to do it, but let me tell you, it can be done!!! Only you can’t really sleep or spend so much time in one place haha. I am planning a trip with Carlos as we speak because I really want to be able to explore Seoul on my own. Of course, I also want to relax while I travel so this is on my to-do list. Ahhhhh, if only I stayed longer! Hay, no regrets. At least I was able to see Korea!

So today’s outfit post was taken in a span of three minutes (I kid you not). We had just finished shooting my spiels at the beautiful Dongdaemun Design Plaza and were rushing to grab lunch when I demanded (um more like begged) if we could spend just a few minutes at this amazing structure. So I tried my best to calmly pose while still wearing my lapel mic and this is the result. Not bad, I guess… for a quickie shoot!

This embellished navy jumpsuit is from Zara, which I paired with a cream vest blazer from The Ramp and these black & white heels, also from Zara. I have to admit, I had little time to accessorize for this post as I hurriedly changed from one outfit to the next in a van. I just had to make sure I brought everything with me, and of course, I left my accessories. Thankfully, this jumpsuit had these gorgeous embellishments on it, which really dressed up the outfit. Reminder to self: next time, bring accessories!

Happy Monday!

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