Let’s fight breast cancer together


Breast cancer is the second-most commonly diagnosed cancer, and a disease that touches us all. Most if not all of us knows someone who has┬ádiscovered she has breast cancer, is currently fighting the disease, has fought and won against it, or has passed away because of it. We are all susceptible to it, which is why we must all get involved with breast cancer awareness. With this in mind, The Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign is bringing people together to share personal stories of gratitude, support and strength. Read about four families from diverse cultures and walks of life, each with a powerful story that shows how support from a loved one brought life-affirming strength in the face of breast cancer. These intimate stories of hope, faith, love and generations demonstrate the healing power of sharing with those closest to you, and others you may not even know.

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