Melissa Conquers the World


Melissa is one of the most recognizable footwear brands in the world. Its shoes are made from a unique material that’s akin to jelly, and it comes in all kinds of colors, shapes and styles. Its famous designs have been imitated all over the world, but I have to say, it quality has never been duplicated. It is one of the most comfortable shoes ever made, and they’re virtually indestructible. I know this for a fact, because I bought my first pair of Melissa shoes back in 2010 and they look as new as the day I bought them (and I’ve used them A LOT).

Originally produced in 1979 and widely acknowledged as the original “jelly”, Melissa has risen from its humble Brazilian origins to be become one of the most celebrated names in international footwear. Its groundbreaking collaborations with legendary designers like Vivienne Westwoood, Karl Lagerfeld, the Campana brothers and Jason Wu have made Melissa one of the most coveted shoe brands in the world. Btw, these designer collaborations are genius–I think it’s a great way to wear designer pieces without breaking the bank! I can spend hours in their store (in the Philippines, Melissa is available in all Geleia stores), and I can never leave without buying myself a pair.

To celebrate its 35th year as a global fashion brand, Melissa showcased its newest collection in a travel-inspired event held at the Atrium of SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City. At the event were 3D murals of the most captivating sceneries of Paris, London, New York and Brazil, where guests were able to take travel-worthy snapshots all in one place. There was also a fashion show that gave us a sneak peek into the latest Melissa collection, which will be available in Geleia in the following weeks. It was definitely a fun event, and the best part: we all went home with Melissa shoes!


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  1. Michelle Reply

    Hi Ms. Kelly! I’m an avid reader of your blog. ☺️ I noticed you often wear Melissa shoes, made me wonder if you sell your pre-loved Melissa’s like other bloggers selling their pre-loved stuff during bazaars? I had my very first Melissa shoes because of you. I won Melissa GC in one of your contests before. Upto now I am still very thankful for that because hindi ko naman afford to own one ☺️ I hope you’ll have another Melissa giveaway soon 💕

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Thanks for leaving me a message! I had a tie-up with Melissa before, that’s why I did that giveaway. And naku, ever since my first pair I was hooked too! What I love about it is that it lasts soooooo long, super tibay! I haven’t gotten a chance to do a sale–I used to join before I gave birth. Now lang I dont have the time to fix my things and sell! Will definitely announce it though if I do. 😀

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