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I’ve always liked lifestyle brand, Kenneth Cole. Its designs are stylish yet functional, and season after season, it is able to come up with modern classics with unexpected details. What usually catches my eye are its campaigns–they send provocative messages that make people think. The words they use don’t just mean one thing–it makes you do a double take and really think about the message he is trying to say. It is a brand not at all bound by convention, and you can see it in its standout designs.

It’s hard to believe that a global brand like Kenneth Cole rose up from humble beginnings, but it did. In 1982, Kenneth Cole wanted to preview his line of shoes at Market Week at the New York Hilton, but he was unable to afford the purchase of a hotel room or showroom to display his items. What he did was he inquired about parking a trailer two blocks from the Hilton Hotel, and upon discovering that permits for trailers were only granted to utility and production companies, Kenneth Cole changed the name of the company from Kenneth Cole Incorporated to Kenneth Cole Productions, and applied for a permit to shoot a film entitled “The Birth of a Shoe Company”.  In two and a half days, Kenneth Cole Productions sold forty thousand pairs of shoes, while chronicling the beginning of the company on film. Soon after, the brand began to expand from its footwear roots, introducing apparel, accessories and watches in 1987.

This holiday season, Kenneth Cole unveils its Holiday 2014 collection of timepieces, and I have to say, they make perfect gifts for your loved ones. Inspired by the New York skyline, the watches are incredibly sleek, bold and modern. The collection was designed by Creative Director for Kenneth Cole New York Watches, David Smordoni, and is built on contemporary chronology’s quintessential blueprints of transparent and skeleton dials, sparkling pave accents, and burnished brilliant metals. Check out these beautiful timepieces.

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Kenneth Cole Watches are available at L Timestudio, Wristpod and selected Chronos Boutiques.


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