Makeup tutorial with Pixy: Tokyo Glam Look


I love doing my own makeup. It’s fast and easy, and I usually end up looking how I want to look (no surprises). I mean, of course, it would be amazing to have a professional makeup artist do my makeup every day, but that just isn’t practical. I am always on the go and I usually need to do 500 things before I leave the house, so makeup application has to be quick and hassle-free. Most of the time I am in a mad rush so my makeup has to be done in 20 minutes or less (usually in my bathroom or in my car en route to a meeting or event). I am not an excellent makeup artist (not yet anyway), but I know what works for my face. Plus, at this point, I’ve already perfected my go-to makeup looks that I use on different occasions.

Of course, I didn’t learn this all on my own. For about a decade I patiently watched makeup artists do my face at shoots and always asked questions after each step. I eventually learned what each product did and discovered which ones worked on my face and which didn’t. Through the years I saw different makeup looks on my face–from outrageous makeup trends, which were always fun because I could never recognize my face after, to beautiful makeup that I desperately wanted to recreate. I have to say, each shoot was a makeup learning experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything, because it helped me discover my love for beauty writing, and later on blogging. My years as a beauty columnist and editor solidified my love for beauty and makeup, and allowed me to find great skincare and makeup brands that wont break the bank.

One of these brands is Japanese-formulated and Indonesian-manufactured cosmetics line PIXY. It is developed by Japanese technology with natural ingredients (from Japan) that is specifically made for Asian skin. Pixy was just recently launched here in the Philippines and offers an extensive cosmetic product line that includes powder foundation, eyeshadow, blusher, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. It is perfect for every day use and its palette ranges from natural to glamorous. Now, I have to admit I wasn’t able to try the brand prior to its launch, only because it wasn’t available here yet. BUT as soon as I tried their makeup, I was instantly converted. Pixy carries AMAZING makeup that is super affordable! You really can’t go wrong with this brand!

I tried out one of their makeup looks called TOKYO GLAM, which I think is a great look for a night out or if you have an event to attend. Personally, I think this works for all the Christmas parties and reunions we’ll be attending this December–it looks glamorous and chic but still very natural and pretty. And I made a step-by-step makeup tutorial for you to follow!!! This is super easy to do and I took plenty of photos just so you don’t miss out on anything. Follow these steps and you’ll get the exact same look (I did this in 20 minutes, you can do it just as quickly with enough practice)–let me know your thoughts and suggestions! This is my first makeup tutorial on myself hehehe. GOOD LUCK!

IMG_4083I started off by applying a light coverage liquid foundation (MAC Face and Body Foundation in N3) on my face and neck and defined/shaped my brows with an eyebrow pen (K-Palette Liquid Lasting 2Way Eyebrow 1 Day Tattoo in 102).

IMG_4087I took my PIXY Ultimate Makeup Cake SPF20 PA++ in Natural Buff and applied it on my face using a big fluffy brush. This provides medium coverage and is great for oily skin. For touch-ups, use the sponge that comes with the packaging.

IMG_4093Using a big fluffy brush allows me to evenly apply the product, as it sweeps away excess powder that might build-up on some areas of the face. It is good to go over your face a couple of times with that brush after applying the powder to ensure your application is even.

IMG_4094Don’t forget to apply the powder on your neck as well.

IMG_4096Next, I got my PIXY Eyeshadow in Sparkling Gold. This has a buildable dark brown shadow that is perfect for creating a natural smoky eye–I use this all the time, not just for creating this makeup look. It also comes with a shimmery gold eyeshadow that is great for highlighting the eye area.

IMG_4102To create a natural smoky eye, I applied the dark brown eyeshadow from the outer corners of the eye going inward, following my orbital bone. Remember, the eyeshadow is buildable, so start light and keep applying until you get the shade you want.

IMG_4105Apply on both eyes evenly. But don’t stress, the application doesn’t have to super exact as you’ll be blending the eyeshadow in the next step.

IMG_4110Using a blending brush, I went over the top part of the eyeshadow and, well, blended the shadow. What you want is for the line to disappear and for your eyeshadow to gradually fade outwards. Keep sweeping the brush over the shadow (again, following your orbital bone) until you get the desired effect.  

IMG_4112This is how blended your eyeshadow should look.

IMG_4122Next, using a small eyeshadow brush, I applied the same dark brown shadow to define my lower lash lines. I applied the shadow from the outer corners to the middle part of the eye (not the inner corners). Doing this makes my eyes appear bigger than they are (perfect for chinitas).

IMG_4191I got PIXY eyeshadow in Sparkling Gold and used the shimmery gold shadow to highlight my eyes.

IMG_4195I did this by applying gold shadow on the inner corners of my eyes. You can also use it to highlight your brow bone and lower lash lines, but for me I prefer to apply the shadow only on the inner corners for a subtle effect.

IMG_4128After, I drew PIXY Eyeliner Pencil in Black on my waterline or inner lash line. My trick to doing this is to pull your eyelid upward to be able to easily line the area.

IMG_4129Doing this adds more definition to the eye and gives your eye makeup a complete look.

IMG_4200And then, I took my PIXY Perfect Eyeliner in Black and lined as close to my lash line as possible.

IMG_4203Using liquid eyeliner can be difficult at first. One tip I learned from a makeup artist is to pull the skin of your eyelid outward before application so you can draw on smoothly and easily.

IMG_4207Next, I took my PIXY Blush On in Brown Tea and used it to give my cheeks a little contour.

IMG_4217I am obsessed with contouring my face. This really helps define my face! I apply the contour (with a contour brush, of course) right under my cheekbones going upwards towards the middle of my ear.

IMG_4214Do the same on the other side and make sure you apply the contour evenly.

IMG_4221For the next step, I got my PIXY Blush On in Passion Roses (it’s the prettiest rose blush for Filipina skin) and applied it on the apples of my cheeks.

IMG_4229Using a blush brush I sweep the blusher on the apples of my cheeks.

IMG_4231This color is so pretty!

IMG_4233Then, I got my PIXY Volumizing Waterproof Mascara in Black and applied it on my lashes.

IMG_4238Usually I would curl my lashes with an eyelash curler first–this helps my lashes look more defined and evenly fanned out.

IMG_4236Two to three coats should do the trick.

IMG_4240Lastly, I swiped PIXY Silky Fit Lipstick Satin in Puppy Love Satin on my lips.

IMG_4242You can apply it directly or using a lip brush. I love its bright color–it really pops!

IMG_4252TA-DAAAAAHHH!!! You’re done!!! TOKYO GLAM is super pretty and is perfect for any special occasion!


PIXY is available at all Watsons stores/outlets. 


  1. Arielle Reply

    I love your makeup look, it is so flawless! <3

  2. JoannB Reply

    wow, great make-up tutorial I must say. I like your make-up, it looks very natural and it makes your beauty stands out even more

  3. rhafnjoann Reply

    wow, great tutorial I must say. and your make-up looks very natural, it made your beauty stand out even more

  4. secretwalangclue Reply

    you should have a youtube channel tutorial about make-up-ing 🙂

  5. Cat JL Reply

    Great job, Kel! Such a fresh look. I love your brows and eyeliner! 🙂

  6. Charlotte Reply

    May I know what brand of makeup brushes you’re using in this tutorial? Thanks kelly.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      The ones I used are from Suesh! 🙂 They’re great and super affordable.

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  8. I love it! Reply

    I love it!

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