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Ladies, here’s a new skincare range for us to try! Pond’s Age Miracle has launched its Firm & Lift line, and it is everything we want in an every day skincare regimen. It specifically targets sagging skin by firming and lifting our Y-Contour (the jawline to the neck area), making us look up to 10 years younger. It is a huge promise made by Pond’s, and definitely one it intends to keep. Thanks to a breakthrough discovery at the Pond’s Institute, the skincare brand has come up with a fast-acting treatment infused with advanced InstantLift™ Complex. It surely has the lot of us very excited to try it, which it why I immediately tested it out at the event.

I must say, this new range is a cut above the rest. It comes with a unique cooling, roll-on massage applicator (attached on the Targeted Lifting Massager and Eye Contour Liner), which allows you to precisely target and firm skin around the jawline and neck. It is cool to the touch, and is allows the product to be applied on the skin while gently massaging your face. It is so addicting! I could seriously massage my face with it for a good 30 minutes, which is a good thing because all that massaging actually helps tighten loose, sagging facial muscles (it is such an ingenious way to apply the product). In case you didn’t know, it has been proven that gently massaging your face every day can help tighten your skin, which is why Pond’s came up with this brand new applicator! So, you really can’t lose–you have this amazing skincare product and a new way to apply it, and both does its job to reduce sagging skin!

I’m starting as early as now (prevention is key), just to be sure my facial muscles get a daily massage while my skin stays nourished. And I am sending a set to my mom who’s been looking for a skincare range to target loose, sagging skin. She’s been using Age Miracle for years now, which is why she hardly has any wrinkles on her face (and she’s already 60+) and she’ll be glad to know that Pond’s came out with a new line to also get that Y-Contour firmed and lifted. My advice to you is to give it a try. You’ll surely love its new cooling applicator and firming formula.

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  1. judionna zagorski Reply

    I am so upset! I can not get Ponds Firm and Lift in America. I ordered a small jar on Ebay and there is such a translation problem. Can you direct me or help me in some way find a supplier I can work with consistently, because this product is really fantastic. HELP!!!!LOL

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hello Judy! So sorry, but I dont know the supplier for Pond’s Firm & Lift. I only work with the advertising and PR people and they are also outsourced. 🙂 Glad to know you love the product though!

      1. judi zagorski Reply

        On Ebay there are some sellers. Look at their feedback first and expect it to take at least 18 days to arrive and don’t expect to pay less than 10 dollars for a 10g jar. The sellers are all in Thailand for the most part. Good Luck! Judi

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