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I was never the sporty type growing up. I was shy and painfully thin, so I would intentionally exclude myself from any kind of sports or games. Of course, I secretly wanted to join but I could never muster up the courage to, so I was usually left at the sidelines, watching. Later on in life, I got into health and fitness but I never really experienced being part of a team or being good at a particular sport. I mean for exercise I did yoga and pilates, but you can totally do these alone and they aren’t really competitive or sporty. So yeah, until this day I’ve never gotten into a sport or become part of a team. It’s kind of sad. Haha sorry, my intro was supposed to be short and sweet and about sports but I don’t really know anything about it. I do know about how to wear this whole athletic chic trend, at least this is my own version of it.

The top is from online store OverStackedPH (LIKE them on Facebook: and follow them on Instagram: @overstacked), white stripe pants are from Seek the Uniq (, pointy flats are from Shoeddiction PH (follow them on Instagram: @shoeddictionPH), and nylon cap and belt bag are from H&M.

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