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It is no big secret that Patty Laurel-Filart is a good friend of mine. We are usually seen together at events, with her usually the host or both of us covering the event for our blogs. And like everyone I know who knows Patty, we love being around her, because she is super nice, funny, generous and real. She is one of the few people I can laugh and talk about nothing with, which is so refreshing because there’s no pressure to impress. You can totally be yourself around Patty, and she will bring that out of you because she is herself genuine, super humble, and did I already mention, funny? She takes care of her friends and is usually the first one to support your projects and endeavors. She is that cool. Her generous nature and sunny personality is infectious, and has won her countless friends, projects, endorsements and fans.

I’ve been following Patty’s blog since the mid 2000’s (maybe 2005-2006). I remember the day I chanced upon it, I immediately messaged Patty saying I really liked her blog and that I could hear her voice in her blog entries. I was so aliw with her writing, because it was so real and honest (and funny)! I made sure to bookmark it and visit every so often after that. She did a re-launch on her birthday in 2011 (her blog was still called and she invited me to the event. I remember getting so many freebies, which was exciting but also a little confusing because I didn’t really know how blogging worked and why I got so many amazing things to take home. Of course, until now getting tons of freebies from attending events isn’t really normal, it’s really Patty who makes sure all her guests are treated like princesses, at least for a day. When I finally got into blogging in 2012, Patty was fully supportive. I had no clue what I was doing, but she made me feel right at home as she invited me to events and recommended me to brands.

And a few weeks ago, Patty relaunched her blog once again and of course, I had to be there to support her. This girl deserves all the wonderful things she is getting right now and that includes the prettiest blog in the blogosphere! If you haven’t seen her new blog, do yourself a favor and go to It is sooooo pretty and so her! Finally, her blog suits her sweet personality and easy going style. And in true Patty fashion, her guests were showered with amazing, AMAZING gifts! It was crazy!

The event was held at Shine Bakery at SM Aura (delicious food, its a must-try), and all these photos are by talented photographer Paolo Ruiz. Event planner Marge Montemayor really outdid herself for this launch–she is truly amazing at her job. Patty’s media partners were Thirty Six-O, Zeus Martinez and Paolo Ruiz. Her sponsors for the event were Power Mac Center, Kiehl’s, Suiteblanco, Havaianas, Thread 365, Bobble, Happy Skin, BC Fragrance, Print Cafe, Kalookies, Niqua, Piandre, Bensimon, K-Way, Wanderlust, Praiaz, SoFA Design Institute, Oster and Elena. CONGRATULATIONS again, Patty! We love your blog!

PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_4871PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_4806PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5038PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5125PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5053PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_4740PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5162PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_4859PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5424PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5189PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_4607PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5378PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5307PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5348PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5281PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5451PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5549PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5554PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5563PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5603   PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5655PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5680     PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5667   PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5759         PaoRuiz-Patty-_MG_5747

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