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Lately, I’ve been all about investing on beautiful handcrafted accessories. Now that I’m in my 30’s, I’ve made it a point to wear jewelry that lasts, so I seek out accessories made with precious materials like platinum, gold, silver and steel. Of course, there’s a big difference in price compared to the cheap costume accessories I wore in my 20s, but I’ve found that you can’t really pit the two against each other. The former stands the test of time, which means it doesn’t easily break or tarnish like other “fancy” accessories. Its weight, finish and craftsmanship all make the purchase worthwhile; it separates the real and valuable from accessories you’ll only be wearing once or twice.

These are the very reasons why I love Spanish jewelry brand Uno de 50 (pronounced: sing-kwen-ta). The accessories are unique and handcrafted, and are made from a metal alloy that allows their signature artisan primitive finish. No two items are exactly alike, which is totally okay. I think its the minor differences in their jewelry that makes the brand so special. Its design stems from its artisan roots–initially Uno de 50 only made fifty pieces of each design, which is why their name means “one of fifty”. Of course, through the years the brand has seen expansion to different countries, which has made it impossible to limit the number of pieces per design to only 50. But there are still special limited edition collections released that only have 50 pieces each. These are so rare that only 1 to 2 pieces per design are sent to countries with Uno de 50 stores.

The brand recently invited me to view its Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection and I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. Not one bit. The new collection is called CONNECTION, and it is inspired by a connection to your surroundings, specifically forests, vastness, intimacy and magic. I love how the designs were raw and rustic, but they were also so beautifully made. These make great statement pieces and you can wear it in so many ways (it’s even better when you layer the jewelry). I couldn’t get enough of the amazing designs, I went back to the store after the event to add more Uno de 50 accessories to my collection. I’m hooked!

Scroll down to see photos from the event.

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