Seoul searching

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I miss Korea! These were taken several weeks ago during my shoot for my lifestyle/travel show Trending Now. It was quite cold that day, which is why I had to wear a thick cardigan over my turtleneck. I was ready to pair this outfit with black leather booties, but I opted for these ballet flats instead. We had a couple of locations to visit that day and then it was off to the airport, back to Manila. Really, my only option that day was comfort and I’m happy this outfit was as comfortable as it could get. My turtleneck and cardigan are both from Giordano, the skirt is from Suiteblanco, tights from H&M, flats from Cocorose, and the hat I bought from a stall in Myeong-dong.

  1. Janine Reply

    You are so beautiful Miss Kelly! I love your outfit here and I wish I could go to Korea too. 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Thank you, Janine! 🙂 Visit Korea! Its really worth the trip. Ang ganda!

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