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This was definitely a welcome break for Carlos and I. For weeks we have been cooped up at home as I struggled with my first trimester. I didn’t feel like going out most of the time, so we really needed this mini stay-cation. So of course, when Rockwell invited us to an overnight stay at their newest residential hotel, ARUGA, we couldn’t resist. We desperately needed to get out of the house and be pampered.

To be honest, I was curious about Aruga. This is Rockwell’s foray into hotel and leisure, and they’ve done such an amazing job creating quality living with Powerplant Mall, the Rockwell Club and their exclusive condominiums. I wanted to see and experience it for myself, and see what set this apart from all the other hotels in Metro Manila.

Well, one thing’s for sure, Aruga maintained Rockwell’s signature brand of exclusivity and luxury. The 114 apartments are fully furnished and come complete with all the appliances you may need for a long or short stay. For instance, the one and two-bedroom apartments have a kitchen and dining area, where you can cook and prepare meals and entertain guests (they have pots and pans for you to use, also plates and utensils). They even have a washing machine and dryer, so you can do your own laundry. The apartments are spacious and comfortable, its interior design sophisticated but functional. It’s really your home away from home, which was quite perfect for me because I like staying at home but at that time I also needed a change of scenery (classic case of cabin fever haha).

While I was there, I tried to picture myself as a traveler. Like, what would I need to make my stay comfortable? Of course, the basics: an amazing bed, cable television, strong WiFi connection come to mind. But there are also other factors to consider, like accessibility (Aruga is right in the heart of Makati), having a mall nearby with a great selection of shops and restaurants (there’s a walkway from Aruga to Powerplant Mall and they provide golf cart service to go anywhere within Rockwell area), amenities like a gym and pool (Aruga has these), spa and massage services (these too) and it won’t hurt to have a 24-hour concierge and reception to answer to my every beck and call (and this, which is a win for me). Like most of you, I like to be spoilt when I travel, especially when I’m on vacation. And if it means paying a little extra to get excellent service and perks, why not?! So of course, Aruga passed all my requirements, and more. I have since recommended it to family and friends from abroad who are looking for a place to stay in Manila. And to friends who need a relaxing getaway without buying a plane ticket. Their units range from studios to one and two-bedrooms, which really depends on how big your family is and how comfortable you want to get.

Needless to say, Carlos and I enjoyed our stay here. We relaxed in our one-bedroom executive suite, walked to Powerplant Mall when we were hungry (I think I also did a little shopping haha), I booked a facial in the morning after our yummy breakfast at the Rockwell Club, we did a mini shoot for my blog and spent the remaining hours relaxing some more. It was a pretty productive weekend for us–we were energized by Monday when we had to go back to work.

To know more about Aruga by Rockwell, go to their website: Scroll down to see more photos.


  1. chicsavvyreese Reply

    The first trimester can be hard , but it gets better 🙂 Your staycation venue looks beautiful ! Glad you had a good time !

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Yes it was great to get out of the house for a change. I’m glad I’m getting into the second trimester now. Feeling way better!

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