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Right before the holiday chaos, Sangobion invited me and fellow blogger/host Patty Laurel-Filart to its Be A Lifesaver event. This was part of Sangobion’s year-long Go Love Life campaign, which aims to help women live better lives by taking better care of themselves. Well, this isn’t exactly the kind of pampering you would usually expect, but it was nearing Christmas and it was time to give back. And so Sangobion joined efforts with the Philippine Red Cross and worked towards giving women better access to safe and healthy blood through a blood-letting activity. You wouldn’t think this would be so popular, especially since it was right smack the middle of a mall but surprisingly, the blood drive was a huge success. The drive was able to collect more than 100 units! This was so heartwarming, because from what we were told blood donations are at its lowest during the holiday season, and yet women everywhere need it (babies are still born in December/January so blood donations are always in high demand).

And while Patty hosted the event, I gave my testimonial about using Sangobion. It is always a pleasure to talk about my experiences with this particular supplement because it really did make a big impact on my life and health. For as long as I can remember I’ve been low-energy and sluggish. I am not necessarily lazy, but I get tired pretty easily and require extra sleep whenever I can get it. When I took the Sangobion 15-day challenge I realized there was so much more I can do with my day. I finally found that burst of energy I’ve been dreaming about, which isn’t like a caffeine fix because it lasted the entire day. I had more time to squeeze in extra work, spend time with family and friends and even walk my dog, Lily. After a week of taking Sangobion every day I realized I needed to make it a daily habit and I’ve been taking it ever since. This is really why I came to support this campaign because I truly, truly believe in the brand. Plus, it felt great to be part of such an important cause, which we can all contribute to. Blood, after all is equivalent to someone’s life, so we must be able to donate whenever we can.

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