What to wear at 14 weeks

I’m in a bit of a predicament here, because I am just realizing I am getting bigger and I have no idea what to wear every day. I know, I know, this shouldn’t even come as a surprise because I’ve had three months to really take it all in and plan my pregnancy into the next few months. Well, no. The past few weeks have been all about the morning sickness and the cravings and the exhaustion and the “hey, I’m feeling okay again, umm no I’m not (throws up)”. I’ve really had it rough from the beginning so maternity fashion was the farthest thing from my mind. I couldn’t even work, let alone plan my wardrobe.

So far, I still have two pairs of jeans that fit, but they get uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing them. So I am all about dresses now, because they don’t constrict and they allow me to breathe. I’ve been wearing maxi dresses whenever I need to go out of the house, which are no-brainers. I just wear them and bring a cardigan in case it gets cold, put on my comfiest sandals and I’m good to go. But there has to be more to life than maxi dresses!!!

I’m such a pregnancy newbie and these days I’ve been all about finding ways to be stylish and comfortable while pregnant. It’s challenging!!! Thank God for the Internet, because I’ve been getting so many tips on how to dress for x number of weeks. There are so many great fashion ideas out there and I can’t wait to apply them to my every day life.

I really love this particular fashion video series I found on YouTube which is by designer, blogger and author Joy Cho. Her videos are so fun and colorful, and I love her quirky sense of fashion. She gives great tips on dressing for 12 weeks and 16 weeks, which should be helpful to all you mommas-to-be struggling with your wardrobes.

In the meantime, I promised myself a day of shopping. I’ll be picking out maternity chic pieces that will hopefully extend my shrinking wardrobe. I’ll be on the hunt for maternity jeans and tops that still look young and stylish (I still want to feel like myself). I read somewhere that I should bring something that will mimic a big bump, like a sweater. So when I try on clothes I can stuff my bump and see how it looks when I am huge. I should think that’s helpful, so I can really wear the clothes until my last weeks of pregnancy. Wish me luck! I’ll be sharing my finds soon.

Oh, and if you have any tips on what to wear for the following weeks, I would really appreciate them. Please share your fashion tips, mommas!

  1. ElaineLimoanco Reply

    Try http://www.elin.ph. From prego wear to breastfeeding wear. For maternity jeans and breastfeeding bra, mothercare. Congratulations, Kelly! Have a safe pregnancy!

    1. kellymisa Reply

      I checked out the site–they have great maternity wear! Thanks, Elaine! 🙂

  2. KT Reply

    Congratulations on your pregnancy Kelly. 🙂

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