The Day I Wore: A colorful beach kimono


After so many weeks of staying home, we finally planned a quick trip to the beach. This was a vacation Carlos, Lily (our dog) and I desperately needed, as we’ve turned into complete homebodies since the beginning of my pregnancy. I am now on my 5th month, and my baby bump is fast growing. I didn’t realize this until I had to fit my swimsuits and bikinis and only a few fit. This saddened me a little, because this meant my body is changing (somehow I still haven’t come to terms with it) but then again, its all for the baby! This bandeau top from Wanderlust ( and bikini bottom from J.Crew was all that fit me from my big pile of swimsuits. I love this coverup from Soak Swimwear ( though, its so happy and colorful and hides a multitude of sins haha.


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