Best planners for 2015


I know, I know. It is February 1 and I am blogging about planners. This post is late!!! This was meant for December, but life happened (better known as the first trimester), so here we are.  I am hoping my readers haven’t gone out and bought their organizers yet, because these ones are pretty great!

Belle de Jour has been around for a couple of years now, and so far I’ve loved every organizer they’ve released. They’re just so happy and positive, and their designs cater to every kind of girl out there. They have the Belle de Jour Power Planner, for the fashionista/girly-girl who needs to get things done, the Everything is Possible 2015 planner for the lady who thrives on daily positivity, and the Navi 2o15 organizer for the world traveller/adventurer. The BDJ Power Planner, of course, is the most popular one of the three, because it has amazing discount coupons which now comes in a separate booklet. And it also contains a Lifestyle Card, which can be activated on, and you girls get a rebate for every transaction you make (win). Needless to say, each one is fun and unique in its own way, which is meant to suit our different lifestyles.

Last year I used the Navi 2014 planner and really made the most of its pages. It had cool things on it like a Pre-Trip Checklist, a Travel/Special Event Planner, Lists of Important Things and Forward Planning. It was pretty specific, which I loved. And guess what I did last year?!! I travelled! So the planner really sprinkled A LOT of travel dust into my life. And this year, I’ve decided to use the Everything is Possible planner, because I want this year to be all about family. I’m having a baby in a few months so I’ll need all the positive reinforcement I can get, and I’ll need to be inspired (big time) to be able to keep up with work. So I’m hoping that using this organizer will do the same for me as the Navi 2013 did. Everything is possible!

So I’ve photographed the three planners, showing its cover and pages inside. Each one comes with a hard cover (a plus, because its pages won’t get easily crumpled in your bag), a weekly schedule (so its easy to see what you’re doing for the week) and it also has a compartment for calling cards, receipts and small documents. I swear, these planners can really help organize your life–I never leave home without my planner.


  1. Rea Reply

    I love BDJ! I used EIP last year and I’m using the BDJ power planner this year. You’re right, it’s full of happiness & positivity. I can see you’re so excited for the baby, all the best to you! 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      YAY! Then I’ve made the right choice for this year. Thanks for the comment, Rea! 🙂 And yes we are super excited to meet this little one.

  2. handpaintedsky Reply

    I’ve been using this planner since 2009. I’m a certified BDJ veteran! 🙂

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