You need to see: Debenhams New Iconic Store


British clothing brand Debenhams recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary in the Philippines, with the opening of its newest iconic store in Estancia Capitol Commons. I was really looking forward to attending the event, because (1) the brand carries apparel and accessories for the whole family (they’re pretty complete in their men’s, women’s, children and home lines, plus they also carry underwear and toys) and (2) all their items were 20% off just for that day. And since I’m stocking up on baby clothes and accessories, this was the perfect opportunity to shop.

It was a pretty big event–we were served fish & chips, paella and crepes (of course, for pregnant me food was my first priority). And then there was a fashion show, with models arriving in mini-coopers (really impressive how they were able to pull this off). I love watching fashion shows before shopping, because then you get to see all the best items in the store without having to go through the racks or trying them on. A few summery pieces caught my eye, which I plan to pick up later on. I was a little more interested in the baby department (which had so many adorable things)–I think I spent a good hour in that area, picking out baby essentials and not-so-essential cute items. Overall, it was a fun shopping event. I really love these kinds of events because I usually get such good deals. Be sure to check out Debenhams New Iconic Store at Estancia Capitol Commons!

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