MAC x Isabel and Ruben Toledo for Spring 2015

Toledo_2550x3301_BeautyFashion’s most romantic couple, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, are renowned for their award-winning and imaginative work in fashion design and illustration. This unique collaboration with MAC pairs Isabel’s sensational penchant for color with Ruben’s vibrant energy in a palette of hues designed to sculpt, paint and transform the face. Specially designed white packaging features Ruben’s illustrations, an array of graphic lines and red-lipped faces brought to life with his one-of-a-kind aesthetic. 

To tell you the truth, I had to Google research the Toledos when I received my invitation to this event. I am a little embarrassed about this, because this proves that there is still a lot I need to learn about fashion and art. This power couple is considered successful in their respective fields (Isabel as a fashion designer and Ruben as a cartoonist and artist), and their passion for their work (and each other) is widely known. According to an interview I read about the Toledos, Ruben and Isabel met in high school–it was love at first sight for Ruben, but it took awhile for Isabel to come around. They eventually got together and ended up getting married three times (beat that)! It’s a 30-year artistic and romantic partnership, which inspired this whole new collection from MAC.

And what a collection it is! MAC Toledo offers us a wearable palette of earthy tones mixed with fiery pops of red and a vibrant hue of blushers, eyeliners and colored mascara. This fresh palette builds your makeup wardrobe, and allows you to play with color and texture, which is what this summer’s makeup is all about. I want all the blushers and lipsticks, and a definitely their eyeliners! Check out the collection below, you’ll surely want to covet everything you see, celebrity guests at the event certainly did.

Toledo_2550x3301_AmbientIMG_1203IMG_1197IMG_1211IMG_1207IMG_1176IMG_1180IMG_1186IMG_1191 IMG_119511065871_10152598073655194_1827075952771340407_n 11075182_10152598085030194_7413043354886853189_n11081337_10152598083675194_1484575444335191420_n 10408683_10152598083785194_3624335916000181688_n 1907696_10152598082650194_6260319769929459777_n 10342786_10152598074905194_7448619354867695915_n10455639_10152598080300194_1139477526423658507_n149348_10152598061945194_126738825193297924_n  IMG_1229 IMG_1228

Outfit credits: dress, Astogroup (; sandals, Melissa; bag, Rabeanco; and bracelet, Uno de 50


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