My nursery inspiration pegs: planning our nursery

Right now the baby room, or nursery, is still a mess. It is my office at the moment, and it is strewn with papers, products and just stuff. I’ve been trying my best to tidy up or organize but I can’t seem to make any progress. I need help haha. Or more time. Anyway, I’ve been looking at pretty nursery photos these past few days to get me inspired to move and not to get discouraged (I seriously need to hold a garage sale SOON). I have about four months before baby boy comes, so I better get a move on.

My husband has actually been trying to help me organize, but I’m really the only one who knows my things. He keeps telling me he will come in with a carpenter and painter when I’ve cleared my junk. So one of these days I really have to throw out the unnecessary and put things aside for a garage sale/charity. Has anyone else had this problem? I feel so helpless at the moment, my things are taking over this room (thankfully, the rest of the house is not as chaotic–I think my office/baby’s room has become my messy room). Ack!

So these are the photos I’ve been pining on these past few days. I love how serene and happy these rooms look–I want this for my baby!!! I haven’t decided on a theme yet, but I am gravitating towards neutral, earthy tones. These are sooooo pretty! 🙂

Blue-white-wood-boys-nursery-designIMG_80717_Beach-style-boys-nursery-room baby-room-boy-nursery Gray-Baby-Room-Ideas Baby Boy Nursery striped-geometric-nursery-room baby-boy-Nursery-room-design Baby-boy-nursery-with-touches-of-blue d4f2d490ceeababd1244a848bdcd8c17 gender neutral nursery1 all-white-modern-and-subtle-baby-boys-nursery-design-to-get-inspired-3 il_570xN.397463471_l9yx White-blue-baby-boys-room

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