My Travel Diary: Camarines Sur

It’s really the best place to go for an adventure. Camarines Sur has it all: a world class wake park, your choice of mountain ranges and waterfalls, a deer farm, and majestic beaches. It was my second time to visit this amazing place, and I have to say, this recent trip was even better than my first back in 2006. I was able to visit so many places and maximize my trip, thanks to my travel/lifestyle show, Trending Now. Although I was much slower (and sleepier) this time around, the trip really was a happy escape for me. It honestly felt great to travel again, and the change of scenery did me a lot of good.

For our first stop, we went to Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC). This is the ultimate place to go wakeboarding, wakeskating and even skateboarding. This was so up Carlos’s alley (he came along for the trip)–he loves to skateboard and he is into watersports, so it was great just to watch him in his element. In case you didn’t know, CWC is proclaimed as one of the best wakeboard parks in the world, as it boasts of a six-point cable ski system, which allows for amateurs and professionals to practice and do runs all year long. CWC has events that bring in professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world, like the Philippine Cable Wakeboard Nationals, WWA World Championship, Ultimate Wake Championship, Asian Wakepark Championship, and CWS King of Rails. So if you’re interested in this sort of thing, you know where to go!

Of course, my trip wouldn’t be complete without Globe Telecom’s newest postpaid plan called myLifestyle Plan. It comes with basic unli-call and unli-text features at P499. And on top of regular data allocation, lifestyle packs of the new plan include unlimited Twitter at P199, which was perfect for keeping me in the loop and informing my readers with all the exciting travel details of my trip. But the coolest thing about it is the connectivity on the go it provides. Globe’s myLifestyle Plan offers reliable online access when I need it (speed throttling is no longer a problem for me with the GoSURF packs available with myLifestyle plan).


For our accommodations, we stayed at Villa del Rey for a couple of nights before heading to Caramoan. They have over 500 affordable rooms that range from cabanas, containers/trailers, wood cabins, villas, dwell houses, and tiki huts. We stayed in the Wood Cabin (good for 2-4 persons) which was pretty complete: it had a queen size bed, living room with convertible sofa bed, A/C and hot & cold shower. We had cool weather when we were there so it was really nice and pleasant.


I have to admit, I couldn’t join this fun waterfall trek because of my pregnancy. So I drooled over Carlos’s photos from that day. They visited Consocep Waterfalls, which was a moderate trek up Mt. Isarog, Pili. The photos were so beautiful, and Carlos claims it was even better in person. The water from the mountain was cool and fresh–they had a blast swimming that day. So jealous.


I met up with the team at the Deer Farm at Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Ocampo. The farm kept about 300 deer that you could touch and feed. It was my first time to be this close to deer. It was a unique experience in itself and the deer were so friendly. IMG_7164IMG_7300IMG_7209IMG_7162IMG_7293IMG_7283IMG_7312IMG_7175

While on the road back to CWC I took some amazing photos. The province is blessed with an amazing landscape, and its people were so nice and friendly.


One thing you cannot go home without trying: LAING PIZZA from CWC. This was inexplicably good. I could eat an entire pie on my own.


The first few photos were taken while enroute to Caramoan, which was a good 4-5 hours away from CWC. The trip was so worth it though. Caramoan Islands was just unbelievable. It is composed of many nearby islands, each with its own personality. If you recall, the recent Survivor series was filmed here, which helped bring in tourists to this untouched peninsula. We stayed at Hunongan Cove, which was luxe and peaceful. We each had private villas to ourselves which each led to beachfront verandas. We had a fantastic view every single day–it really was paradise!


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      Thank you! It was easy to take good photos, Camarines Sur is really beautiful.

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